Recruitment Marketing Panel Discussion with Video Summary

Recruitment Marketing is the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for a job. The most successful companies recognize they are only as good as their top employees and will prioritize seeking out the crème de la crème for their corporation. At the 2016 World Talent Forum, some of the most brilliant minds and experts from renowned international companies provided key insight into their strategies. The Recruitment Marketing” panel discussion tackled this subject. This article touches upon their tactical advice.


1. It is not the company that chooses the talent. It is the other way around.

Timothy Khoo-Jones works as the Global Head of Recruiting for SoundCloud Berlin, and deeply believes it is vital to approach talents and ask the right questions.


2. Think quality, not quantity.

Paul Maxin worked as a Resourcing Leader at PwC for seven years, but is now setting new roots at Zalando as VP Talent Acquisition. Paul takes a different approach, which has proven to be successful. 

Think about it. You are not going to go fishing in a freshwater pond for rare deep sea saltwater fish. The same can be said about potential talents. Do your research, find out where they thrive and start fishing!



3. Make friends rather than enemies.

Martin Burns went from 90s tech to startups, and today works as a Strategic Consulting Leader for HireClix. His top recommendation is:    

Even the biggest and most successful companies can lose potential clients if they treat them impolitely. Remember, it is a small world. You may want to hire this individual in the future, and you want to avoid having him or her speak negatively about your company. In short, it is better to make friends than enemies.



At the 2016 World Talent Forum, leaders from top companies provided an abundance of knowledge. IntraWorlds was honored to host such insightful speakers, and looks forward to collaborating with them in the future! 


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