3 Technological Trend Takeaways Every HR Leader Should Know

Technological trends are rapidly altering the world as we know it and the internal workings of HR are no exception. The World Talent Forum was a success, and experts from renowned international companies brought light to some relevant topics. The IntraWorlds team feels such insight should be shared rather than kept private. We know digitalization is a thriving topic, so we have compiled three key components from our “Tech Trends” panel discussion to elaborate and smoothly aid transition with the times.


1. Do not fear change. Embrace it!

Ursula Soritsch Renier has worked for various reputable companies. She is currently a CIO, group digital leader, and member of the extended executive committee in Sulzer. You can feel her passion and dedication to her work flow out as she tells us:


Quote of Ursula Soritsch Reniers from sulzer

Whether working in HR, support, or sales, you are working together in one company. For that reason, it is vital to keep everyone informed and communication open. Make sure you approach new ideas with passion and put some enthusiasm into it! The outcome will be most favorable.



2. Age is not a factor.

Chris Chesterman is leading Talent Acquisition in sales for IBM across EMEA. His charming and professional mannerism got straight to the point with respect to the subject of age in today’s ever-changing world.
Quote of Chris Chesterman from IBM

Regardless of age, keeping talents well informed on new tech trends is vital. Many people are known to “not behave their age,” and it is not necessarily a negative point. These individuals can bring new insights and unique perspectives to an organization. Chris has met older, talented individuals who are extremely tech-savvy, and vice versa. Do not judge a book by its cover!


3. Make a plan.

Roger Wilkes is managing director, chief of operations for US marketing/sales, and chief commercial officer at PwC. Roger is truly a man with a strong presence. He has an eye for detail and gets things done strategically, but always keeps his company and customers in mind.


Quote of Roger Wilkes from pwc

It is fundamental to keep in mind that not all technology works for every company. Just as individuals are different and have different needs, so do companies. It’s beneficial to do some research, find out what works for you, and then create a plan of how to incorporate it into your everyday work.


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