6 Strengths in Alumni Management – The IntraWorlds Difference

Successful alumni management involves retaining and building upon connections with former employees while simultaneously increasing business development, rehiring, and employer branding. With the world bursting at the seams with social media accounts and HR tech tools, what makes the IntraWorlds | Alumni solution successfully rise above the clutter? Based on a thorough comparison, we have identified 6 key topics that differentiate IntraWorlds’ alumni management technology from other alternatives:


1. Modern Design & Higher Usability

2. Integration & Automation

3. Flexibility & Configuration

4. Personalized Communication

5. Relationship Management

6. Progressive Profiling

Modern Design & Higher Usability

When it comes to alumni management, it is important to recognize the value of the platform’s appearance and usability. The platform is a direct reflection of an organization and offers a powerful opportunity for employer branding. However, looks can only get you so far. In order to achieve a truly successful alumni network, the platform must also be user-friendly. Fortunately, the IntraWorlds | Alumni solution offers both the looks and the brains.


  • The looks: IntraWorlds | Alumni features a feed-based start page that displays the newest and most relevant content at the top. This creates a viewing style that is perfect for scrolling and is similar in design to top social media networks. This results in a familiar, positive user experience for both alumni and alumni managers.
  • The brains: The platform automatically categorizes alumni into pools and groups based on content that is specifically tailored to each alumnus. This creates a seamless process for alumni managers and streamlines information for alumni, which results in higher reception and overall usability of the network.


Integration & Automation

The role of an alumni manager is to build strong relationships with alumni and to increase the value of the network. Unfortunately, with an overwhelming number of administrative tasks, focusing on alumni can be challenging. This is why IntraWorlds worked alongside alumni managers to identify the most time-consuming tasks in order to convert them into automated functions.

  • Admin automation: IntraWorlds’ technology can be configured to completely automate administrative processes, engagement activities, and alerts. For example, when new alumni join the network, an automatic trigger is alerted, and a welcome campaign with several subsequent messages are sent to the new member. This ensures constant, personalized, and effective communication.


 Flexibility & Configuration 

When it comes to the backend of the platform, it is important that the configuration and overall structure is flexible to an organization’s needs. As companies expand, merge, and shift over time, so should the profile layout and the processes. While most CRM providers require time for developing these adjustments, IntraWorlds is able to easily implement changes to the structure, which saves you time and money in the process.

  • Adaptable design: IntraWorlds’ platform has the ability to define and configure the profile fields, content objects, layout, filters, triggers, and alerts for processes within the network. This gives organizations the freedom to change defined fields at any time. Not needing to develop these profile adjustments results in a more cost-effective and time-efficient process.  

Personalized Communication

Research shows that the likelihood of a person opening and engaging further on social networks significantly increases when communication is personalized rather than generalized. Nobody likes to feel like one of the masses. Rather, they want to feel like one in a million. In order to create an engaging platform that generates consistent alumni traffic, it is important to make things personal.

  • Making it personal: IntraWorlds’ communication and mail templates are highly personalized and include not only personal salutations, but also personalization of the entire email content. Alumni information is stored in the relationship management platform and can be utilized for customizing content. This ensures that each member is spoken to directly and results in higher engagement and increased platform traffic.

Relationship Management

The purpose of creating an alumni network is to strengthen relationships with alumni. This is why it is so important to partner with a software provider that has the most up-to-date technology to manually support these relationships. As with any strong relationship, communication is at the heart of it all, and transparency is key. Unlike other software providers, IntraWorlds’ platform is designed for optimum transparency as all communications and alumni touch points are stored in an internal CRM. This creates one centralized location for alumni communication.

  • One stop shop: Internally storing communications through CRM eliminates the need for operating two separate systems and enables organizations to quickly navigate through the history of a particular alumni group or individual. The platform creates full transparency of communication of the latest touch points with individual alumni and alumni groups, which ensures that no communication is lost or forgotten. In addition, it determines the most interesting interactions with alumni based on opening & click rates. This helps organizations determine which content their alumni find to be the most relevant.

Progressive Profiling

In order for an alumni network to operate to its fullest potential, relevant, up-to-date information is key. The more information alumni include in their profile, the better. This information allows managers and alumni to stay in touch and to identify preferences.

  • Profile completeness: IntraWorlds features a progressive profiling box on the home page that automatically prompts alumni to complete and update their profile step-by-step. This automated process ensures that alumni managers have access to complete, up to date information on each alumni member. This facilitates the job matching process and makes it easier for organizations to send out targeted content. 




While there are other alumni management providers, IntraWorlds has developed a high-tech, end-to-end alumni relationship management solution. Organizations that choose IntraWorlds as their alumni relationship management provider are not only gaining access to cutting edge technology, but also a strategic partner. IntraWorlds ensures seamless integration of existing IT infrastructure such as marketing, HR, and CRM systems and offers ongoing support throughout by sharing best industry practices, interactive workshops, webinars, and events.


To become a part of the IntraWorlds | Alumni family, or to learn more about our solution, feel free to contact us. We will be in touch soon! 

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