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The World Talent Forum brings a global community together to discuss the best practices for engaging and attracting talents.

The World Talent Forum was a huge success! Thank you to all participants. Click below to see images of the event.

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How A.T. Kearney’s Job Board Helps them Engage Alumni

Watch IntraWorlds’ exclusive Webinar and learn on how an investment in career services for your firm pays back in terms of increased business opportunities with alumni.

How to Successfully Revamp or Launch your Alumni Program

Watch this webinar recording to learn about launching an Alumni Program in regards to objectives, benefits, concepts and much more.

IntraWorlds’ Automation & Digitization Webinar

Learn how to utilize automation and digitization to further your engagement with alumni and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks.

IntraWorlds & InterAction Integration

Watch this webinar recording to learn how IntraWorlds Alumni creates value for professional service firms as a solution tightly integrated into InterAction.

Abandoning the ‘Silent Treatment’ for a Better Candidate Experience

Our 60-minute webinar covers global research insights on how to improve the candidate experience by abandoning the “silent treatment” trend.

Measuring the Value of Candidate Relationship Management Programs

Our 60-minute webinar provides you with insights about how to measure the value of candidate relationship management programs.

IBM OpenHR Webinar Series IntraWorlds

Watch our webinar recording for a presentation and demo from IntraWorlds on Attracting, Engaging and Converting Talent across the Career Lifecycle.

Campus Recruiting Strategies

Talent experts from Cisco, Stanford University, PepsiCo, IntraWorlds and IBM will discuss best practices for sourcing, engaging and placing the best early-career talent.

Importance of Recruiting Relationships

Join this webinar to discover the two most influential predictors of talent acquisition performance outcomes and learn from a real life customer!

Internal Career Mobility at Deutsche Bank

Discover how Anke Kirn works on building internal career mobility at Deutsche Bank

Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience

Download our webinar recording and learn about the impact a positive candidate journey can have from first touchpoint.

Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni

Download our webinar recording, and learn how to calculate the ROI of formal corporate alumni networks!

The Long and Winding Candidate Journey

Learn about the importance of creating a compelling candidate experience!

Past Event Highlights

World Talent Forum 2015

In his keynote speech Prof. Harhoff talks about the challenges, trends, and possibilities in HR.

World Talent Forum 2014

Alumni Highlights: Panelists from McKinsey, Allen & Overy and PwC discuss strategies.

HR Tech Europe

HR Tech Europe was filled with thought provoking presentations and countless possibilities to learn.

Roche Presentation

Christine Renz points out the differences between talent scouts and recruiters.