Facilitate the Recruitment Process

Job candidates have freedom of choice and are pickier than many companies realize. Successful recruiters can no longer rely on job ads to attract top candidates. Rather, they must go the extra mile to convince applicants that they will provide them with excellent value. Companies save time and money by devoting fewer resources to the hiring process with the help of an active candidate relationship management platform.


Passive Applicant Recruitment Puts Companies at a Competitive Disadvantage

  • You will receive fewer strong applications per job listing.
  • Your ideal candidates will join your competition.

Direct Connection to Ideal Candidates in your Talent Community

Show your commitment to active recruiting methods! Save time and money by engaging with talents with whom you have already established a relationship. By implementing the IntraWorlds | Engage solution, you will distinguish yourself from your competition and easily secure top employees for your company.


Find Talent Quickly

Understand the benefits of your community as a unique communication channel:

  • Fill all open positions with suitable candidates.
  • Always contact talent at the right time — before the competition.
  • Reduce your time-to-fill vacant positions.

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