Best Practices Active Sourcing at the World Talent Forum

In the area of HR, Active Sourcing, as well as new task profiles of recruiters, are being discussed intensively. For some time, companies have known that approaching special target groups ( those who are not looking for a job in particular) is essential for recruiting the right candidates. We will be discussing new techniques and approaches to sourcing talent proactively in one of our sessions at the World Talent Forum.

Interesting candidates do not look for jobs

Various studies have shown that most qualified candidates are not looking for a suitable job on their own. Still, they are open to job offers brought to them personally. This affects not only good candidates but also employees in general:

  • Only 23% of employees are looking for a new challenge (Market Competitors)
  • 19% are actually content with their work and don’t want to be addressed at all (Market Ignorers)
  • 58% are not looking proactively for a job, but are open to new challenges (Market Observers)

It is no longer sufficient to offer good jobs, announce them and wait for the response of an appropriate candidate (Post & Pray). Well-qualified, potential employees want to be addressed directly by their future employer. Active Sourcing takes care of this approach: look for them proactively, address them personally and engage them by using talent pools (even if they don’t want to change the position at the moment).

Addressing candidates proactively and building up talent pools

To summarize what has been said until now: companies have to approach candidates proactively. In this process, the application is detached from the actual address, meaning that waiting for an application is not valid anymore; recruiters should engage with possible candidates beforehand – the motto is: the earlier candidates get addressed and the closer companies get to the candidates, the better. While addressing new candidates (i.e. via professional social media platforms), it’s also possible to address existing contacts (via professional events, Second-Best-applicants, recommendations and alumni). An initial contact is a good start, but to truly engage the candidates in the long-term, company talent pools must be built. All candidates who are interested in the company should be added into an exclusive talent pool in order for them to become engaged via specially targeted communication groups.

Active Sourcing at the World Talent Forum

Christine Renz - Speaker World Talent Forum 2014

Christine Renz

Kai Anderson & Markus Frosch - Speaker at the World Talent Forum 2014

Kai Anderson & Markus Frosch

The session on Active Sourcing at the World Talent Forum will include presentations from Christine Renz, Head of Attraction, Sourcing & Hiring at the pharmaceutical company Roche, as well as Kai Anderson and Markus Frosch, partners at Promerit. Both Renz and the Anderson/Frosch duo will give exclusive insights and share their practical experiences. Other speakers include Sjoerd Gehring, Global Head of Sourcing at Accenture, and Severine Fiegler, Senior Manager Talent Attraction at Infineon Technologies will also be presenting proactive approaches to candidates. Don’t miss out on the chance to obtain valuable information on the methods and strategies used by our international speakers. Learn more about proactive approaches by discussing with other participants at this top event for HR Professionals. It’s worth a visit!