Active Sourcing

Past human resource management approaches are no longer adequate for reaching highly qualified personnel. Recruitment departments are forced to reconsider their recruiting approach as fewer applications are being submitted. Specialists and high potential candidates must be identified early so that they can be recruited at the right moment.Powerful software is essential to make active sourcing run smoothly. IntraWorlds software already in place at BMW and Schaeffler makes your active sourcing easier and more effective. Over 165 customers from around the globe have been convinced of the benefits of our software.

What is active sourcing and why is it so important nowadays?

Active sourcing involves recruiters proactively approaching specialists and high potential candidates and establishing personal relationships with them. This is crucial because many high potential candidates are “lost” between the HR marketing and recruiting stages. With active sourcing, the HR officer is no longer left waiting for applications, but rather actively approaches talent to bridge the waiting period between the two stages.

How does the active sourcing concept work?

The first step of active sourcing involves recruiters searching for suitable talent; these may be currently employed at other companies, be in the middle of their studies or training, new graduates, or possibly looking for work. During the second phase of active sourcing, the recruiter contacts promising potential candidates and offers them a position. If they can’t start work immediately, the recruiter remains in contact with them until the next possible hiring period.

What difficulties can be expected in active sourcing?

You may find yourself competing with numerous other companies. Universities offer the largest talent pools, but the candidates there typically have the least practical experience. At active sourcing opportunities such as conventions and other events, the talent is only rarely immediately swayed by recruiter appeals. It’s often difficult to avoid being ignored by the prospective targets and labeled as an unimportant recruiter, instead of awakening genuine interest in them.

What benefits does active sourcing offer?

Active sourcing offers one tremendous benefit on the labor market, one that is urgently needed given the current and expected trends: as companies engaging in active sourcing are only contacting highly qualified prospective candidates who are suited for their needs, there are no “hidden defects”. This means that active sourcing ultimately saves a great deal of time and money.In many cases talented workers can’t be bothered to submit applications on their own; it’s easier for them to wait for an attractive offer. Let’s follow this example out and imagine that we’re engaging in an outdated, passive approach to recruiting personnel, namely placing a job ad in an industry journal. The problem with this approach is that the journal is only published once, the ad costs a lot of money and more often than not just gets skipped over; after all, many experts won’t even read the journal cover-to-cover anyway, since nowadays they only read articles in internet forums and special communities. They’ll have to wait for quite a long time until the first suitable applications arrive, and these will include a large number from unqualified applicants. Companies, however, hardly have the time to wait for the right applicant. When they place a job ad they already need the new employee immediately or in the near future. With active sourcing, however, you decide which potential candidates to approach and when. In the long run, active sourcing establishes an extensive talent pool that must be kept updated. And this requires reliable software, such as that from IntraWorlds.

What benefits are offered through an active sourcing platform such as IntraWorlds software?

The biggest benefit of active sourcing is that a company can create its own talent pool. It is a community comprised of numerous potential candidates who can communicate and discuss topics with one another to grow their knowledge — and their trust in your company. Through active sourcing, employees can learn about positive aspects of the corporate culture, which increases the attractiveness of the company. In addition, the most difficult step of active sourcing — long-term maintenance of the data — is handled simply and efficiently using the IntraWorlds software: applicants themselves update their profile data regularly.Take advantage of this opportunity: Identify suitable talent, gather them into your own protected talent pool using IntraWorlds software. Talent management is no longer a simple or fast process.

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