Alumni Management at a Glance

Take 1 minute to learn about Corporate Alumni Management and why so many leading organizations are taking an interest. Join us in this 60-second video to hear top experts from renowned companies such as McKinsey & Company and ABB give their personal perspective on:

  • What a Corporate Alumni Network can bring to your company.
  • Examples of how you can personalize your Alumni Management plan (with the many possibilities in custom software support) to better fit your needs.
  • The wave of engagement & success that comes with an Alumni Solution.



In this video, leaders including Sean Brown, Director of Global Alumni Relations at McKinsey & Company, and Sarah Dovlo, Head of HR Marketing at ABB, give insight into the benefits of incorporating an Alumni Management solution. Learn about Corporate Alumni Management from experts & hear the opinions of top organizations. Get ahead of the game and learn how hugely beneficial alumni solutions are!


We would like to thank all of the speakers for participating in this video and for sharing insight into Corporate Alumni Management. If you want to learn more about Corporate Alumni Management solutions, click here.