Retain Former Employees in an Alumni Portal

Use the potential of your alumni with an exclusive alumni portal for your university, school or company! Find out more about our alumni solution and benefit from all the advantages that our alumni portal offers:Communicate regularly with your alumni through personalized news and invitations to events and acquire knowledge, projects and donations through the alumni. Your alumni will update their profiles independently and use the alumni portal for intensive exchange of information.Your satisfaction is our goal. Our customers, for example BMW and the University of Geneva, already benefit from our technical know-how and the excellent service of IntraWorlds. Request a free and non-committing product demonstration from an expert at IntraWorlds now!

Companies can benefit from an exclusive alumni platform its alumni. Advantages for a large enterprise or university include:

  • Alumni stay connected
  • Alumni always stay informed about the current company/university developments and can keep in touch with the university
  • The university has exclusive access to the profile data of the alumni, which the alumni maintain themselves
  • University alumni can support their university through online donations
  • The university can keep the administrative expenses low by handling its alumni management directly by the alumni portal
  • The alumni portal is designed in the corporate identity of the university and thus strengthens the brand and visibility of the university

The alumni can profit from the membership in the company/university alumni portal:

  • The Alumni can control, which data they want to publish for specific groups of people in the alumni portal
  • Finding and contacting former colleagues/classmates is easier and quicker in the alumni portal
  • Constantly current information from the company/university and specifically chosen subgroups in the alumni portal
  • Users can publish their own content in the alumni portal like job offers, invitations to gatherings, photo galleries or documents
  • Exclusive offers, such as special reductions or job offers

An alumni portal simplifies the administration. When a university plans an alumni meeting for all alumni, it had to inform the alumni by phone or mail, what is a lot of effort and costly. Today the university can take care of that quickly and easily by means of the alumni portal. A newsletter or a survey, asking on which date and place would be the most suitable, reaches all alumni in mere seconds. If the next meeting date is set, it can be entered in the event planner in the alumni portal. Then alumni can register for the event online in one step. The participants will be – if desired – visible for the alumni and as a preparation to the event, lists and name tags can be created through the alumni portal. After the reunion, the alumni can post photos of the reunion on the alumni portal and comment them. The university can post surveys on the alumni portal about if the attendants liked the reunion and what can be improved for the next time. Through additional modules, the alumni portal can be expanded flexibly.Find out more about the alumni portal of the experienced social community-provider IntraWorlds and request a free product demonstration now!

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