Are Candidate Engagement Platforms Really Worth It?

While businesses are establishing themselves and expanding faster than ever, one major problem remains: candidate engagement. As prospective employees rapidly change their career paths and climb up the corporate ladder, the task of accurately tracking and communicating with these individuals becomes overwhelmingly daunting. Many companies today

  • Struggle to secure and engage top talent,
  • Invest heavily in the interview and training process, and
  • Lack up-to-date, relevant, and truthful candidate information.


Top firms recognize the importance of being proactive and building relationships with candidates. Doing so leads to higher retention and satisfaction rates, and speeds up the recruitment process.

“Although the majority of organizations are investing in better strategies… many are unfortunately still falling short. In some cases, they are ignoring the most basic aspect of engaging talent – consistent communication.”
– 2015 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Research Report

Many businesses are eager to implement a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software solution but are not familiar with the different types. There are two main options to consider: The first is an interactive platform in which organizations can easily establish two-way relationships with top candidates, while the second is a database to store candidate information. This article will discuss the differences between the two, and why an interactive platform to manage top candidates is oftentimes much more effective.



Beyond Basic Data


A talent network is much more than a compilation of online data. The problem is not that businesses do not have access to data on candidates’ professional lives, but rather, they are struggling to find relevant, up-to-date, truthful information. Organizations use professional platforms such as LinkedIn, but unfortunately, candidates do not always present their profiles in the most truthful manner. For example, they may feel uncomfortable expressing their desire to make a career move. On a company’s exclusive talent network, applicants can openly express their career goals and state whether they are seeking new employment opportunities. Platforms that organize databases of candidate information, on the other hand, do not provide jobseekers with the opportunity to vocalize their preferences. With this method, companies scrape the internet for applicant information, send out mass emails, and hope to hear back from qualified candidates. Many candidates are not engaged by this one-sided, passive form of communication.


“There is often a gap in what employers are doing and what candidates find valuable… employers must consider how the attitudes, expectations, and behavior of a more sophisticated candidate have shifted.”
– 2015 North American Talent Board Candidate Experience Research Report

Candidate Experience


From job fairs to sponsored LinkedIn posts, companies are investing heavily in various touchpoints to attract top applicants. Many candidates feel overwhelmed by the high volume of passive communication coming from different organizations. Unfortunately, many of these businesses do not go the extra mile to actively engage job seekers through personalized approaches. “The way a company treats a candidate during the hiring process can either be a huge competitive advantage… or it can be a major reason why candidates run from a particular company,” states Robert Byron, Partner and Manager at WinterWyman Search. After being invited to join a company’s exclusive online talent network, applicants create a professional profile by importing their data from LinkedIn and are given the opportunity to edit this information. Engaging top candidates throughout their career cycle using an interactive platform makes these individuals feel better-connected to the organization. As a result, both parties establish a two-sided relationship from the get go – candidates feel valued and organizations win top talent.



Engage Candidates Effortlessly


With a candidate relationship management platform, companies and job seekers can easily establish and maintain warm relations. Recruiters benefit because they

  • Use cutting-edge technology to automate time-consuming tasks,
  • Have access to up-to-date, truthful candidate information,
  • Are able to view communication history and send out personalized, targeted messages such as event invitations and employment opportunities, and
  • Can easily organize users into pools based criteria such as location, qualifications, and job titles.


By using relationship management software, hiring managers can easily engage top candidates and, therefore, devote more resources to other important areas. This process helps companies attract staff who are a great fit for their working culture and values. Consequently, employee turnover is greatly diminished, and businesses are put at a competitive advantage.



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