blicksta – Best HR Innovation!

“When I grow up, I want to be a Fireman!”

Through the eyes of a child or teenager, making a career decision can seem carefree, fun and easy. However, when the time does come to make this “simple” decision, it may turn into a daunting challenge.

In today’s marketplace, students are faced with endless possibilities and have a large amount of information overload. The complexity of this situation is overwhelming. As a result, the student may feel confusion and uncertainty, and begin asking themselves “What shall I do after finishing school?”, “What is the right decision for me?”, “What is my path?”.

These unsolved questions address the “agony of choice” – and may be the cause for two new common phenomenons. Firstly, there is an increasing number of school dropouts and secondly, companies are having difficulty finding trainees and employees.

How can we effectively help students during their decision making process?

The team at Medienfabrik have begun to tackle this issue with the platform blicksta. blicksta is a student platform with a holistic approach. The platform provides students (high school or secondary school) with information about trainees, professional groups, fields of study and different bachelor programs. Students no longer have to sift through hundreds of websites to receive relevant information – one glance at blicksta is all that is needed. The offers and information is provided by different partners including universities and companies.

The IntraWorlds team would like to congratulate the blicksta team on being named for the “The Best HR Innovation of the Year”.

blicksta - HR innovation of the year 2014

The platform has four scientifically developed tests to help students with the career and studies guidance:

  • The orientation check
  • The interests check
  • The performance check
  • The personality check

These tests act as a “self-assessment” and initially serve as self knowledge and development. Users are able to share their test results with different companies to obtain individually tailored offers and event invitations.

IntraWorlds has been involved in the blicksta project. IntraWorlds provides the technology to enable automated targeted communications. Our technology allows blicksta partners to nurture and communicate with different groups of students based on their preferences. Till now the blicksta platform is only for German students.


A company that has vacant apprenticeships for the next year is looking to fill positions. To quickly find a suitable candidate, the company can leverage the blicksta talent pool. The company can target and communicate directly to selected candidates, through criteria based searches including:

  • Candidates that are seeking the desired degree
  • Candidates that are available for the desired time
  • Candidates that are in the same geographical area as the company
  • The general interests of a candidate

Additionally, blicksta assists companies to build relationships with specific candidates. Companies can promote non-recruiting related events such as factory tours, or luncheons. These events are fun and provide insights into the company culture. A win-win situation for both parties.

Once again, the IntraWorlds team would like to congratulate blicksta for their success and we are delighted to support this truly innovative concept that holds great potential for businesses and students.