Candidate Experience

Provide candidates with a memorable journey

Understanding the Candidate Experience

Did you know that focusing on delivering a positive candidate journey prior to the talent application stages makes prospective candidates 10x more successful during the interview process? The experience that companies give talents from the first touch point to right before the application process leaves a lasting impression in a talent’s mind.

Why is a Positive Candidate Experience Essential for all Companies?

The opinion that a candidate has on an organization carries much more weight than many realize. Candidates who have a good experience will share positive stories about a company, while candidates who have a bad experience will share negative stories with their network. It is therefore important that companies ensure their candidates are happy and have a good impression of the organization.

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Customize your Candidate Experience

Deliver a Positive Candidate Experience

Reduce cost-per-hire and increase efficiency with automated talent engagement technology. With the use of automated technology like the IntraWorlds | Engage solution, companies can customize the candidate journey by delivering automated campaigns and sending out mass, personalized messages.

More than 165 IntraWorlds customers including Accenture, Bosch and BMW, recognize the importance of delivering a personalized candidate experience on an active talent relationship management platform.

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The responsive design of the IntaWorlds Solution will help to improve the candidate experience

IntraWorlds’ Platform

The IntraWorlds platform provides the core technology for IntraWorlds | Engage, enabling organizations to provide a positive online candidate journey from desktop to mobile devices. Explore the possibilities of the platform with an online demonstration from one of our talent experts!


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Introduction of our IntraWorlds | Engage Solution:

Convince candidates to work for your company. Give them an insightful candidate journey with the IntraWorlds | Engage Solution.

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