Candidate Relationship Management using Web 2.0

IntraWorlds offers you efficient candidate relationship management.Use a talent network to acquire the top talent on the market, which supports your recruiting measures and allows you to easily cultivate the relationship with your best candidates. You can also position yourself as an attractive employer through your own Portal.Request a free  product demonstration of our candidate relationship management solution now and see for yourself how you’ll benefit from our Portal! More than 165 satisfied customers, including Schaeffler and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, are already on board based on our expertise and service.

What is Candidate Relationship Management?

Candidate relationship management describes the cultivation of contact with candidates from the company’s side. In the long term this candidate relationship management opens up new opportunities, since qualified applicants are urgently needed given the scarcity of specialists and changes on the labor market. An HR officer working with an efficient candidate relationship management system draws qualified high-potential candidates into his talent pool to be contacted as needed. Candidate relationship management lets the company do more than just save time and money; it also produces a real competitive advantage.This kind of talent pool might well be composed of the following persons:

  • Former internstrainees and employees
  • University graduates, students, specialists that have shown strong potential
  • Qualified applicants

The pool contains candidates that are already familiar to your company. Additionally, candidate relationship management also represents an opportunity to awaken interest among high-potential candidates during recruiting measures such as recruiting fairs, talent competitions and events. To establish a talent pool as part of candidate relationship management, a link between the company and the talent must first be established using a Portal 2.0. This promotes bi-directional communication, which is a major part of the strategy behind successful candidate relationship management. The Portal 2.0 offers your target audience the opportunity to react with one another while also promoting engagement with your company. Our “IntraTalents” solution offers you precisely this kind of efficient candidate relationship management in a Portal 2.0. The candidate relationship management platform in the Portal 2.0 is adjusted to your organizations corporate design (CD) and has all the standard function of social community software.

Candidate Relationship Management with a Portal 2.0 from IntraWorlds

Beyond the construction of their own profile in the Portal 2.0, members can also participate at any time in forums, groups and chats on issues posed in the Portal 2.0. The Portal 2.0 also allows for the use of user-generated content as part of candidate relationship management. A career newsletter or invitations to events increase interest in the Portal 2.0 and represent effective modern HR marketing measures. Care must be taken, however, that the relationship with the candidate is always the focus of candidate relationship management using Portal 2.0, as this is crucial to increasing the efficiency of the recruiting process. The personal relationship is in fact the decision factor in talent recruiting. After all, if the company manages to stay in close contact with the talent as part of candidate relationship management using the Portal 2.0, then the candidate is both stimulated to use the Portal 2.0 and that candidate receives signals that the company is interested in him or her, another highly important part of successful candidate relationship management. Given that all information provided within the Portal 2.0 is available for the company, the Portal 2.0 also represents a central repository of information about the members.You too can benefit from the advantages of a Portal 2.0 for your candidate relationship management. Take advantage of IntraWorlds’s extensive experience in Portal 2.0 solutions and request free, no-strings-attached product demonstration by an IntraWorlds expert about the opportunities that arise through a Portal 2.0 solution for your candidate relationship management!

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