Candidate Relationship Management using Web 2.0

Introduce a talent network to acquire the top talent on the market. Doing so supports your recruiting measures and allows you to easily cultivate relationships with your best candidates. Request a free product demonstration of our candidate relationship management solution now and learn how our portal will benefit you. We work with more than 165 satisfied customers, including Schaeffler and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft!

What is Candidate Relationship Management?

Candidate relationship management (CRM) describes the cultivation of contact with candidates from the company’s side. Opportunities are brought forward when candidates feel engaged, as these individuals are far more likely to stick with your organization for a longer period of time and become loyal employees. HR managers that work with an effective CRM system attract qualified, high-potential candidates. This group of individuals may include members of the following groups:

  • Former internstrainees, and employees
  • University graduates, students, and specialists who show strong potential

Among other things, CRM offers an opportunity to awaken interest among high-potential candidates during recruiting activities such as University fairs, talent competitions, and events. To attract a strong talent pool as part of CRM network, a link between the company and the talent must first be established. This requires bi-directional communication, which is a major part of the strategy behind successful CRM.

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