What Are The Most Common Talent Recruitment Mistakes?

Despite ever-improving talent recruitment techniques, the process often still leaves employers and candidates feeling discouraged. While many companies are investing heavily in talent acquisition, a significant percentage are not investing in the areas that candidates identify as the most important. The following information and statistics are taken from the 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate […]

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Are Candidate Engagement Platforms Really Worth It?

While businesses are establishing themselves and expanding faster than ever, one major problem remains: candidate engagement. As prospective employees rapidly change their career paths and climb up the corporate ladder, the task of accurately tracking and communicating with these individuals becomes overwhelmingly daunting. Many companies today Struggle to secure and engage top talent, Invest heavily […]

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Recruitment Marketing Panel Discussion with Video Summary

Recruitment Marketing is the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage, and nurture talent before they apply for a job. The most successful companies recognize they are only as good as their top employees and will prioritize seeking out the crème de la crème for their corporation. At the 2016 World Talent [...] Read More

The Digitization of HR & Trust – Benefits & Challenges of Technological Change

When it comes to technological change and its impact on organizations, a common perspective is to look at the benefits and opportunities of digitization. In this post, we will also address some of the challenges CEOs have in mind when thinking about digitization. Only after understanding both the benefits and difficulties can an organization create […]

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Bersin by Deloitte’s “Future Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy”

Recently, I read through Bersin by Deloitte’s Predictions for the future and it had me thinking about how important Candidate Relationship Management and talent strategy truly is.   In the field of Human Resources, is it important to be successful in talent acquisition. Hiring, sourcing, and the assessment of the right candidates are essential for […]

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5 Key Reasons Why You Should Start Building A Talent Pipeline Today!

Companies across the world are wondering how to properly build and maintain a talent pipeline. A talent pipeline consists of potential candidates that can be continuously nurtured and approached when vacancies arise. A recent survey from the ERE found that just 38% of employers recruit throughout the year. This article will outline five reasons why companies […]

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The Secrets of Top-Notch Talent Acquisition and Alumni Management

After the success of the July London road show, Martin and I are heading back to the London Bridge in September to continue our understanding of challenges faced by UK human resources teams in relation to managing alumni and potential talent. Additionally, we are out there to evangelise the benefits of talent relationship and corporate […]

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Best Practices Active Sourcing at the World Talent Forum

In the area of HR, Active Sourcing, as well as new task profiles of recruiters, are being discussed intensively. For some time, companies have known that approaching special target groups ( those who are not looking for a job in particular) is essential for recruiting the right candidates. We will be discussing new techniques and […]

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Paradigm shift in personnel acquisition: Talent pools and active sourcing for sustainable recruiting success

There’s no doubt any more that almost every company is having to deal with the lack of skilled workers and specialists — and for many of them this has been an issue for some time. Each time I gave a speech this year, I posed a question to the audience: “How many of you have […]

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