Alumni Management at a Glance

Take 1 minute to learn about Corporate Alumni Management and why so many leading organizations are taking an interest. Join us in this 60-second video to hear top experts from renowned companies such as McKinsey & Company and ABB give their personal perspective on: What a Corporate Alumni Network can bring to your company. Examples of how you [...] Read More

LinkedIn Groups Fall Short. Here’s Why You Need a Corporate Alumni Solution

A very common question we hear is: “Why do we need an alumni platform if we already have a LinkedIn Alumni Group?”   You need a corporate alumni solution because delivering an exclusive, on-demand portal promotes engagement, which, as a result, drives more business development opportunities than a LinkedIn Alumni group is capable of. Although LinkedIn […]

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3 Useful Tips for Measuring the Value of an Alumni Network

Have you considered implementing an alumni solution but are uncertain of the value? IntraWorlds recently released a juicy white paper revealing the answers to the industry’s most burning questions regarding the value of a corporate alumni network and today we are providing you with the top 3 useful tips!   1: Recognize the impact of […]

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3 Reasons Why ABB Chose an Alumni Solution over a LinkedIn Group

Watch this 60-second video to learn three reasons why the IntraWorlds | Alumni solution can help your company grow more than social media groups can. Join us in this short interview with Sarah Dovlo, Head of HR Marketing Europe & Switzerland, as she tells us how ABB   Feels social media groups such as LinkedIn lose company identity Sees […]

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Alumni Management at ABB

Success Story About ABB Together with IntraWorlds, ABB implemented a global alumni platform to keep in touch with its former employees and to generate rehires and job referrals. ABB is one of the world's largest engineering companies and operates in around 100 countries with more than 135,000 employees. They also reported a global revenue of $33.8 billion [...] Read More

Webinar recording: Measuring the ROI of Corporate Alumni Networks

Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni Networks

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Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni Networks

The ROI of Corporate Alumni Networks Corporate Alumni Networks In recent years, there has been a rise in formal corporate alumni networks. However, information on how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of an alumni program is scarce. To address this issue, IntraWorlds has developed a model that calculates the ROI of a formal [...] Read More

Corporate Alumni Management Panel Discussion (McKinsey & Company, PwC, Allen & Overy)

Corporate Alumni Management In this panel discussion, Sean Brown (McKinsey & Company), Fred Zimowski (PwC USA) and Alex Pease (Allen & Overy) share their views on how to provide a successful corporate alumni management program. Discover what alumni want and need, including professional networking, ongoing learning development, and assistance with their future careers. By offering these, organizations can […]

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Potential of Corporate Alumni

Many companies are left in a state of shock if a good employee leaves their organization. They must focus on refilling the position and finding someone internally or externally with a capable skill set. While this may be time consuming and cause some  frustration in the interim, it is important to discuss the opportunities that […]

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