The Importance of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Talent Management

  Keynote by Professor Dietmar Harhoff Professor Dietmar Harhoff is the Managing Director at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. His keynote speech at the World Talent Forum 2015 examines the opportunities organizations have when they value the strengths of their employees and ensure they do not feel restrained by company processes. This speech will motivate you […]

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TRM at BOSCH in Germany & the US

Talent Relationship Management at BOSCH in Germany & the US In this video, Linda Linzenbold and Vera Winter present Bosch’s talent relationship management program. They discuss how the platform is being utilized in different ways in the company’s German and US branches. Vera Winter explains that the German platform targets students and interns to offer them […]

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World Talent Forum 2014 Keynote

Moving Mountains Reinhold Messner, an Italian mountaineer, inspired the World Talent Forum 2014 attendees with his keynote speech, “Moving Mountains.” He discussed his experience climbing the Himalayas, and how he was forced to push forward in the face of a severe storm rather than wait for the weather to clear. “Action is what carries us” he […]

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World Talent Forum 2013 Keynote

Talent Acquisition in Sports and the Enterprise – Challenges & Strategies The World Talent Forum 2013 began with the “Talent Acquisition in Sports and the Enterprise – Challenges & Strategies” keynote panel. The panel included Ms. Heidi Stopper (Chief Human Resources Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media), Mr. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (CEO, FC Bayern Munich) and Professor Herbert Henzler […]

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Corporate Alumni Management Panel Discussion (McKinsey & Company, PwC, Allen & Overy)

Corporate Alumni Management In this panel discussion, Sean Brown (McKinsey & Company), Fred Zimowski (PwC USA) and Alex Pease (Allen & Overy) share their views on how to provide a successful corporate alumni management program. Discover what alumni want and need, including professional networking, ongoing learning development, and assistance with their future careers. By offering these, organizations can […]

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Talent Relationship Management at Roche

  Talent Relationship Management at Roche In her presentation, Christine Renz (Head of Attraction, Sourcing & Hiring at Roche) points out the differences between talent scouts and recruiters. She also discusses which candidates should be approached proactively in the talent acquisition process. These candidates are a “critical target group” as they cannot be reached through classic […]

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