Digitization & Automation for Corporate Alumni Management

In today’s tech-savvy world, it comes as no surprise that advancements in digitization and automation are crucial for future business development, especially in corporate alumni management. In this context, innovation and growth could not be more apparent. In the following two-minute video, members of the IntraWorlds team discuss how to best harness automation and digitization to [...] Read More

Alumni Management at a Glance

Take 1 minute to learn about Corporate Alumni Management and why so many leading organizations are taking an interest. Join us in this 60-second video to hear top experts from renowned companies such as McKinsey & Company and ABB give their personal perspective on: What a Corporate Alumni Network can bring to your company. Examples of how you [...] Read More

3 Reasons Why ABB Chose an Alumni Solution over a LinkedIn Group

Watch this 60-second video to learn three reasons why the IntraWorlds | Alumni solution can help your company grow more than social media groups can. Join us in this short interview with Sarah Dovlo, Head of HR Marketing Europe & Switzerland, as she tells us how ABB   Feels social media groups such as LinkedIn lose company identity Sees […]

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Candidate Engagement Automation – How to Boost your Recruiting Outcome

Numerous organizations invest a significant amount of resources in employer branding and personnel marketing measures. Many of them do so without achieving a reasonable outcome. The key lies in engaging the (right) candidates successfully. Between personnel marketing and recruiting, HR professionals juggle with their qualified candidates and lose most of them almost immediately after the […]

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Potential of Corporate Alumni

Many companies are left in a state of shock if a good employee leaves their organization. They must focus on refilling the position and finding someone internally or externally with a capable skill set. While this may be time consuming and cause some  frustration in the interim, it is important to discuss the opportunities that […]

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