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Alumni Management at ABB

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Together with IntraWorlds, ABB implemented a global alumni platform to keep in touch with its former employees and to generate rehires and job referrals. ABB is one of the world’s largest engineering companies and operates in around 100 countries with more than 135,000 employees. They also reported a global revenue of $33.8 billion USD in 2016.


 Alumni Management at ABB

In this interview with Sarah Dovlo, Head of HR Marketing Europe & Switzerland at ABB, she describes how ABB adopted IntraWorlds | Alumni solution to stay in touch with former employees. Dovlo also comments on how IntraWorlds’ platform differentiates itself from business networks such as LinkedIn, and how it supports the company’s objectives to rehire alumni and to refer jobs.

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Sarah Dovlo

Head of HR Marketing Europe & Switzerland / ABB

“The IntraWorlds | Alumni solution enables ABB to create a basis to rehire and build up refferrals.”

Interview Summary

Sarah Dovlo, Head of HR Marketing for Europe & Switzerland at ABB, starts off the interview by claiming that, at first, alumni focus more on their new job rather than on staying in contact with their former employer. However, as time goes by, alumni generally seek to reconnect. And when this happens, Dovlo claims that alumni appreciate having an on-demand site to receive personalized information from.

As a next step, Sarah defines the focus of ABB’s alumni program:

  1. Boomerang Hires: Talent Acquisition Partners have access to the talent pools from the alumni platform to see who is relevant for rehires and can contact them directly by reaching out through IntraWorlds. 
  2. Job Referrals: ABB is adopting the IntraWorlds | Alumni platform to broadcast job vacancies in the hopes that the positions will be referred to friends and colleagues of alumni.

Dovlo explains why ABB decided to implement IntraWorlds’ solution rather than to use a private group on LinkedIn. “With the IntraWorlds platform, we are able to build interfaces to our existing systems and to our career portal.” The solution’s flexibility and branding options allow ABB to create a consistent brand experience for alumni.

Beyond all the benefits ABB reaps, alumni also enjoy being a part of the platform. With the IntraWorlds | Alumni platform, former employees have a one-stop shop to get up to speed with exciting updates, news, etc. ABB alumni can also get in touch with each other and organize events via the platform. 

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