Corporate Alumni Network for Your Organisation

Do you intend to keep in touch with your employees after they leave your company? Tap the full potential of your former employees (corporate alumni) with a corporate alumni network by IntraWorlds, because your alumni could be valuable as:

  • Candidates for future recruitment
  • Potential clients and business customers
  • Experts, that can give advice based on their expertise.

A corporate alumni network can support your company in retaining your former employees. Request a free demonstration now and to learn more about our IntrAlumni Corporate solution!

Definition of Corporate Alumni

Corporate alumni are defined as a company’s former employees. Former employees can be poster children of any company. It can be beneficial for both the company and the alumni – if the alumni are bonded to the company through a corporate alumni network and are still up-to-date about the company.First of all, if your alumni are organized in a corporate alumni network, they can contribute to your staff recruitment. The alumni are familiar with the company and can recommend you as an employer. To increase the employees’ retention of your corporate alumni to the company, we advise permanent contact management through the corporate alumni network. Thus, when a former employee decides to re-enteer, it will be easier for him because he will still be in touch with old and new colleagues through the corporate alumni network.Moreover, it is possible to meet former employees during their working life again – whether as a customer or a business partner. In this case, additional revenue can be generated because the alumnus has a stronger commitment to your business through the corporate alumni network. Your alumni will be more positive to buy from you as well as you prefer him compared to other providers – assumed that you still have a good relationship to them through the corporate alumni network. Since contacts and recommendations in business world have an important role, utilizing a corporate alumni network to improve these should not be left ignored.Last but not least, your corporate alumni have still have a unique wealth of knowledge, to which you can have access even after they have left the company by means of the corporate alumni network. Personal profiles in the corporate alumni network help you to identify easily and quickly, which corporate alumni is an expert for which topic. Interaction and communication among former and current employees is also improved by a variety of contact information, a messaging service, chats, polls or other features of the corporate alumni network. Building a knowledge platform, for example a wiki, makes the knowledge of your former employees accessible to all other workers.To get more information about the fully adaptable IntraWorlds corporate alumni network, fill out the contact form below and we will give you a free demonstration of the platform as soon as possible!

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