Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk! Why company culture is important for your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Everyone is talking about company culture.. Not only is it buzzing around the Twittersphere thanks to Round Peg and #TChat, but we are seeing it come up time and time again on Linkedin and in the blogosphere.

At IntraWorlds, we are constantly preaching about the importance of a strong Employer Branding Strategy. As providers of talent relationship software, we know that no matter how great your recruiting strategy is, it’s going to fail if potential candidates cannot bond with your corporate brand. If you can positively connect with a candidate even before the application process begins, you are already on step ahead in the right direction.

Where do you start when developing your employer brand? Start at the source – start internally. Don’t just tell people your company is a great place to work; actually be a great place to work. This is where company culture comes into play.

Steve Browne had a great point in his latest article ‘Culture of Awesome’, where he discusses an incorrect assumption about company culture. Browne states that we cannot simply talk about how others need to behave, but rather we need to start with ourselves. He was speaking in regards to internal culture, pointing out that in order to help change culture within your company, you must behave the way you would like to see others behave. We agree with Steve, and understand that we cannot simply talk about how other companies need to have a positive workplace culture; we must also have an amazing workplace culture ourselves.

We know that there is a lot more than just treats involved in fostering company culture, but seeing as we like treats it’s a good place to start!

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IntraWorlds loves when our Marketing Manager Luisa brings in cake

In summary, to attract top candidates, your company must develop a strong talent relationship management plan. Employer branding needs to be a part of your TRM strategy in order for candidates to be attracted to you. For your employer branding strategy to be successful, you must actually be a great place to work, and in order to be a great place to work, you have to have cake. Okay well maybe we are stretching it with the last part but you get our point!

To see how to understand your company’s culture and how to tie data into the mix, see Megha M. Biro’s article ‘The Talent Science of Cultural Change’. For more pictures of our weekly treats, head on over to our Twitter @intraworlds.

– Julia