The Digitization of HR & Trust – Benefits & Challenges of Technological Change

When it comes to technological change and its impact on organizations, a common perspective is to look at the benefits and opportunities of digitization. In this post, we will also address some of the challenges CEOs have in mind when thinking about digitization. Only after understanding both the benefits and difficulties can an organization create a clear roadmap for the increased use of technology.


Digitalization is drastically changing the inner workings of HR, and more specifically, in talent acquisition and talent management. It has opened the door to a more engaging and personalized experience for both candidates and employees through the use of digital touchpoints. However, with this great benefit comes great responsibility. Candidate and employee data must be handled very carefully and adhere to privacy regulations in different countries. During the 2016 World Talent Forum, IntraWorlds had the pleasure to speak about this topic with Rogers Wilkes, Chief of Operations for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United States. We asked him some of the industry’s most burning questions surrounding digitalization. In the two short videos below, Roger provides insight into

  • The role of trust in technological change
  • Concerns CEOs have regarding rapid tech growth and cyber attacks
  • The importance of data privacy and data protection in times of technological growth



With so much personal data out there, it is no wonder people are concerned. Hence, following technological security standards while regularly checking the security of certification processes is critical.  IntraWorlds adheres to the highest standard of data protection and information security. All data is transmitted encrypted and is certified to ISO 27001. Taking this all into account, it is clear that recognizing the importance of data protection and data security is crucial when introducing new technologies into your organization.

We would like to thank Roger Wilkes for participating in these videos and for sharing the perspective of PricewaterhouseCoopers.