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IntraWorlds and Conenza
are Joining Forces

IntraWorlds and Conenza are joining forces to take talent management to the next level through systematic engagement of talent

Top 3 tips for Engaging with Alumni through Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn the top 3 tips for engaging with Alumni through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Building a Case For Boomerang Hires
For Your Firm

 Boomerang hires can have a positive impact on your firm – learn the value of an alumni program!

Linkedin groups fall short – Here’s why
you need a corporate Alumni Solution

Learn why an corporate alumni platform is needed, instead of relying on LinkedIn Alumni Group.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Corporate Alumni Program

Don’t fall into the trap and make these 7 mistakes when launching – you’ll thank us later! 

How the Candidate Experience affects Recruiting in 2019

There’s still a disconnect between your process and the candidate experience – learn how to improve!

How IntraWorlds Supports Alumni Managers Beyond Technology

Running an alumni program solo can be a drag – learn how we can support you and your program!

Say Hello to IntraWorlds –
Our New Look & Feel

IntraWorlds is proud to announce that we have undergone a re-branding – learn all about our new look and feel!

What Are The Most Common Talent Recruitment Mistakes?

Learn about the most common recruiting mistakes and how to avoid them for your firm.

How Alumni Engagement Saves Companies Time & Money?

How having a formal network impacts your bottom line & brings a wealth of connections. 

The Benefits of Integrations for Talent and Alumni Relations 

See how integrations help to simplify time-consuming tasks for recruiters and alumni managers.


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