IntraWorlds Opens North American Headquarters

“Going where the market is!”

2014 has been a big year for IntraWorlds. Not only have we continued to expand across Europe, but we have also officially opened our doors in the USA. This move was a natural step for IntraWorlds and our Co-Founder, Stephan Herrlich, was determined to take us there. The opportunity to build new relationships and access hundreds of potential clients excites Stephan and our whole team.

IntraWorlds New York

IntraWorlds New York Launch party in June

Located in the heart of New York, IntraWorlds has already secured new contracts with companies such as Bosch USA, and it’s worth to mention that the German Accelerator program is a big part of this continued success. Additionally, we are extremely grateful to Dirk Kanngiesser and all of the team who have helped to make this transition possible. Although we have been in NYC since July, the official opening event of the German Accelerator took place in October and was host to guests including German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. The post-event traction that IntraWorlds has received is incredible. We have been featured the New York Bizz Journal, DW Magazine, and Jetzt Sueddeutsche with Stephan having his fair share of interviews. He told Jetzt Sueddeutsche’s Kathrin Werner “We go where the market is; we can get to 100 potential customers with the subway alone.”

IntraWorlds New York

Founder Stephan Herrlich, and VP of Sales and Marketing North American Lizzie Wurm with German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel at the German Accelerator Event in October

Not only do we have access to a large number of companies, but we are also in the heart of the HR conference action. In the past few months, we have attended some amazing events, such as The HR Technology Conference in Vegas, The IBM Smarter Workforce Summit in Atlanta, and the ERE Recruiting Conference in Chicago. These conferences allow us the opportunity to connect with top HR influencers and industry experts. Our VP of Marketing and Sales North America Elizabeth Wurm had the chance to met Steve Boese, co chair of HR Tech and numerous other industry influencers. Meeting individuals such as these creates opportunity for engaging, constructive relationships. Our ties with the California based Bersin by Deloitte team has produced some outstanding and really relevant content, such as our latest Webinar, The Long and Winding Candidate Journey: A Roadmap for Success, and our Talent Talk interview with Robin Erickson.


IntraWorlds New York

Sueddeutsche Article

Valuable new opportunities, relationships, and contracts have made our first six months in the USA highly successful and encouraging. We look forward to seeing what the next six months and the years after will bring. As our North American team continues to grow, we will continue to tackle new challenges and assist new clients in winning the war for talent. Again, we want to say a big thank you to the German Accelerator program and its mentor team, who have been instrumental in the success of this move. To learn more about the IntraWorlds New York office, connect with our American team here.

Watch our featured video piece from DW!

IntraWorlds in New York

Video feature from Deutsche Welle