London Calling: About IntraWorlds and our RoadShow along the Thames

Wow! That’s the impression I got from IntraWorlds’ first London RoadShow. Exciting meetings, new contacts, and very positive responses were only some of the great awards which we brought back to Munich. Introducing HR leaders to IntraWorlds’ innovative and unique solutions, IntraTalents and IntrAlumni, was informative and very encouraging.
“Wow!” was also the feedback we received from each of the companies we met with. Learning about Next-Generation Talent Acquisition as well as professional Corporate Alumni Management fell on sympathetic ears. Many attendees were surprised and impressed by IntraWorlds’ advanced technology and its possibilities. We are looking forward to continue our conversation!
Fortunately, despite our busy schedule, we were still able to catch the epic German victory against Brazil (for those who forgot: 7:1). We were thrilled to see that everyone in the English pub was cheering for the team Germany! Great success
IntraWorlds-London-Roadshow-02We also managed to do some active sightseeing on running shoes through Hyde Park. Even though the distance and time does not qualify for higher purposes, IntraWorlds continued the #TalentsRun through Europe.

We were glad to see that our IntraWorlds philosophies are being adapted in London. We’ll continue to work with this paradigm!

Passing the Bavaria House almost made me feel as if we were home in Munich. The only thing missing were Lederhosen, Brezeln, and Bavarian beer!

IntraWorlds cannot wait to get back to London for the next RoadShow!
Join us from the 9th to 11th of September. Find more information here.