What are the benefits of an integration?

Contact data of talent profiles (e.g. candidates or alumni) as well as requisitions, applications, and activities are automatically transferred between your IntraWorlds platform and your integrated systems like ATS or CRM. This will save you plenty of effort and will also ensure data quality.

  • Save Time and Resources

    Optimize and save time spent on administrative tasks, and cut costs through automation

  • Seamless User Experience

    Contacts do not need to review their data in several systems, but to re-use it from ATS, CRM, or social networks

  • Data Quality and Accuracy

    Automated synchronization of your candidates’ data ensures quality and accuracy in both systems

  • Transparent Activity History

    Activities, such as application history, are visible in both your IntraWorlds’ platform and in existing ATS or CRM system


IntraWorlds has built standardized integrations with various partners creating a more seamless user experience for our clients.Want a more detailed look into which partners we have built standardized integrations with? Simply click on the partner of your choice below.


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