Candidate Relationship Management & Engagement at KPMG, Bosch and Embrace

The World Talent Forum, in Munich, was a meeting point for HR managers to discuss trending topics and exchange ideas. In this blogpost, you will find summaries of the presentations from the topic “Candidate Relationship Management & Engagement”. Speakers from KPMG and Bosch showed us how important Candidate Relationship Software is within their companies. Gero Hesse, director of Embrace, presented interesting statistics on student recruiting and how to approach them. In the next few days, you will have the opportunity to request the full video in our Media-Library. Until then, stay connected via Facebook

Linda Linzenbold

Roman Dykta (Head of Employer Branding & HR at KPMG)

Roman Dykta explained why it was absolutely necessary for them to implement Candidate Relationship Management Software (CRM) and how the system works. Whilst in previous years it was relatively easy to find suitable candidates, the situation has become more difficult today. Though the company was actively present at job fairs, their success was only mediocre. This is due to the fact that the new contacts could not engage with the company. To counteract this, together with IntraWorlds, a KPMG Community was launched. The following list were the 5 key points that contributed to the success of the CRM program:

1. Content and Target News in Online Community
2. Engaging the people online and offline
3. One-Click-Application
4. Student Talent Management
5. (Active) Sourcing
This platform is open for everybody and is actively promoted at fairs via prize competitions and magazines. As a next step, the Online-Contacts have to be engaged in offline events like Geo-Caching or Rafting.
Besides the community for new recruits, there is also a Professionals Lounge, which is for passive candidates who may be interested in changing their job. As soon as there is an open position, candidates of this Talent Pool are actively approached. The data is imported via Xing or LinkedIn and saves the talent at the registration process.

Linda Linzenbold

Linda Linzenbold (Manager Personnel Marketing BOSCH USA) and Vera Winter (Manager Personnel Marketing BOSCH Deutschland)

Linda Linzenbold and Vera Winter presented the CRM program at BOSCH and discussed the similarities and differences of the systems within the two countries. The German Community is aimed at BOSCH-Students and interns in order to give them special opportunities. Via the portal, they can contact their personal mentor and apply for different career steps, such as an internship abroad. Linda Linzenbold then gave insights on the CRM of BOSCH USA, which is still in development. In contrary to the German version, the system in the U.S will be more open. For example, even high school students will have access to the community. Additionally, there is a different mentality compared to Germany:  the registration process has to be easier and less time consuming and the brand has to be communicated stronger as it is not as well known as in Germany.

Gero Hesse

Gero Hesse (Managing Director at Embrace)

Gero Hesse answered the questions on how Generation Z works and how important target group-focused thinking for the companies are. Generation Z is placed between the years 1995 and 2012 and is building the coming workforce. Generation Z, in contrast to Generation Y, grew up with smart phones and are using different ways of communication. While Facebook is becoming less attractive, social apps such as Instagram or Snapchat are booming. Due to the fact that 92% of all students and pupils own a mobile phone with internet access and already 43% are using their phone for searching for jobs, mobile optimization is an essential part of the recruiting process. As a solution, the Talent Relationship Concept “blicksta” for students was presented: In 4 steps, a candidate will be led to a job. During this journey, he has the possibility to learn more about his own interests, get to know new professions and degree courses, and to connect with a variety of companies and universities.