Leadership Development Panel with Allianz and Deutsche Bahn

During the 2016 World Talent Forum, we had the pleasure of hearing from HR industry leaders on the subject of leadership development best practices.


In this short recap video, Nils Stegemann, Head of Talent Management for Deutsche Bahn AG, discusses tactics for generating “self-starters” in the arena of talent mobility, while Angelika Inglsperger, Group Head People Sourcing for Allianz Group, outlines the power of feedback and how peer to peer circles can create a positive impact on an organization.

Additionally, you will hear from Judit Nagypal, a consultant who previously worked as the HR Director Leadership Development for Microsoft, who discusses innovative ideas in relation to International development and talent sourcing.


Watch the video here:


The various initiatives shared during this panel discussion serve as a great example to illustrate how small changes today can have a great impact tomorrow.


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