• Save Time and Resources

    You save time on data management as your contacts (e.g. alumni) are able to update their profiles and automatically sync their information into InterAction

  • Data Quality and Accuracy

    Based on our integration both systems keep alumni data accurate. Quality of profile updates is ensured through the InterAction ticket process

  • Automated Alumni Onboarding

    As soon as former employees are marked as alumni in your internal systems they are automatically invited to the IntraWorlds alumni platform

  • Better User Experience

    Contacts do not need to re-enter their profile data in two systems, but they are able re-use their profile from your CRM or IntraWorlds and vise verse

  • Alumni Registrations

    Alumni that register through the IntraWorlds registration process are also added automatically to your InterAction CRM after approval

  • Profile Details

    Besides basic address data, all additional profile fields can also be mapped to corresponding InterAction fields thus allowing for a common dataset