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REPORT | Alumni Program Benchmarking Report

Learn key insights to help shape your Corporate Alumni Program and maintaining positive relationships with alumni.

WHITEPAPER | ROI of Candidate Relationship Management Programs

Our whitepaper provides you with insights about how to measure the value of CRM programs.

WHITEPAPER | Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni Programs

Discover benefits and how to calculate the potential return on investment of a formal corporate alumni network.

WHITEPAPER | How to Successfully Launch a Corporate Alumni Program

Find a step by step guide on how to successfully establish a formal corporate alumni program for your business.

WHITEPAPER | What does ‘TRM’ really mean?

Understand how Talent Relationship Management means engaging with talents on a new level.

WHITEPAPER | Find the Right TRM for Your Business

View the core aspects to consider when determining which TRM solution best suits your business.

WHITEPAPER | IntraWorlds Alumni Management Services Solution

Learn how the Alumni Management Services Solution helps organizations manage their Alumni Program optimally.

WHITEPAPER | Next Generation Talent Acquisition

Re-access your sourcing strategy, and gain insights on best practices for talent acquisition to meet your hiring goals.


WEBINAR | Harnessing the power of your alumni network during a crisis

Online discussion on the roles alumni programs are playing during a pandemic & creative ways to engage and involve alumni.

WEBINAR | When A Crisis Hits – Engaging And Inspiring Alumni Virtually

Online discussion on the impact of COVID-19 and how it relates to the world of Corporate Alumni Management.

WEBINAR | Successful Alumni Network Launches with Fasken and Sidley Austin

Learn about Fasken and Sidley Austin successful Alumni Networks Launch. Hear first hand their challenges.

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WEBINAR | IntraWorlds’ Automation & Digitization

Learn how to utilize automation and digitization and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks.

WEBINAR | IntraWorlds Integration with LexisNexis – Interaction

Learn how IntraWorlds Alumni creates value for professional service firms as a solution tightly integrated into InterAction.

WEBINAR | How to Successfully Revamp or Launch Your Alumni Program

Watch this webinar to learn about launching an Alumni Program in regards to objectives, benefits, concepts and much more.

WEBINAR | How A.T. Kearney’s Job Board Helps Them Engage Alumni

Learn how an Investment in Career Services pays back in terms of increased Business Opportunities with Alumni.

WEBINAR | Achieving Your Business Objectives with a Formal Alumni Program

Watch our webinar and find out how having a formal alumni program can benefit in achieving your business objectives.

WEBINAR | How to Achieve a Better Candidate Experience

60-minutes of global research insights on how to improve the candidate experience by abandoning the “silent treatment” trend.



VIDEO | IntraWorlds Candidate Relationship Management 

Learn how to provide interactive candidate journey and get connected to future employees with IntraWorlds’ CRM solution.

VIDEO | IntraWorlds (Corporate) Alumni Management 

Learn how to build relationships and nurture your alumni contacts with the IntraWorlds CAM solution.

VIDEO | Why Companies Should Stay in Touch with Their Alumni

Get a deeper understanding of profits for your organization investing in Alumni Management.

VIDEO | How to Boost your Recruiting Outcome with a CRM

Get a deeper understanding how to engage the right candidates successfully using Candidate Engagement Automation.


BOSCH | Linda Linzenbold

Learn how Bosch partnered with IntraWorlds to implement a talent relationship management system in Germany & the U.S.

FRAUNHOFER | M. Vogel, A. Streckfuß

As Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, Fraunhofer needs to attract the most talented scientists. 


Get to know modern talent recruitment strategies and best practices for a first-rate candidate experience.

INTRAWORLDS | Dr. Martin Heibel

Get to know the necessary changes for the Candidate Journey and get helpful tips for implementing these changes.



Learn how Bosch partnered with IntraWorlds to implement a talent relationship management system in Germany & the U.S.


As Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, Fraunhofer needs to attract the most talented scientists. 


Together with IntraWorlds, ABB implemented a global alumni platform  to generate rehires and job referrals.

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