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The Benefits of Integrations for Talent and Alumni Relations

IT-Integrations link multiple software solutions together, enabling processes to run faster and with less effort. A basic example of an […]

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IntraWorlds' 2017 in Review

Dear 2017, you sure kept the IntraWorlds team busy! From the top of skyscrapers in NYC to the heart of […]

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Top 3 tips for Engaging with Alumni through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

It comes as no surprise that some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations are embracing Corporate Social Responsibility […]

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6 Strengths in Alumni Management - The IntraWorlds Difference

Successful alumni management involves retaining and building upon connections with former employees while simultaneously increasing business development, rehiring, and employer […]

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How A.T. Kearney’s Job Board Helps them Engage Alumni

Watch IntraWorlds’ exclusive Webinar and learn on how an investment in career services for your firm pays back in terms of increased business opportunities with alumni.

How to Successfully Revamp or Launch your Alumni Program

Watch this webinar recording to learn about launching an Alumni Program in regards to objectives, benefits, concepts and much more.

IntraWorlds’ Automation & Digitization Webinar

Learn how to utilize automation and digitization to further your engagement with alumni and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks.

IntraWorlds & InterAction Integration

Watch this webinar recording to learn how IntraWorlds Alumni creates value for professional service firms as a solution tightly integrated into InterAction.

Abandoning the ‘Silent Treatment’ for a Better Candidate Experience

Our 60-minute webinar covers global research insights on how to improve the candidate experience by abandoning the “silent treatment” trend.

Measuring the Value of Candidate Relationship Management Programs

Our 60-minute webinar provides you with insights about how to measure the value of candidate relationship management programs.

IBM OpenHR Webinar Series IntraWorlds

Watch our webinar recording for a presentation and demo from IntraWorlds on Attracting, Engaging and Converting Talent across the Career Lifecycle.

Campus Recruiting Strategies

Talent experts from Cisco, Stanford University, PepsiCo, IntraWorlds and IBM will discuss best practices for sourcing, engaging and placing the best early-career talent.

Importance of Recruiting Relationships

Join this webinar to discover the two most influential predictors of talent acquisition performance outcomes and learn from a real life customer!

Internal Career Mobility at Deutsche Bank

Discover how Anke Kirn works on building internal career mobility at Deutsche Bank

Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience

Download our webinar recording and learn about the impact a positive candidate journey can have from first touchpoint.

Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni

Download our webinar recording, and learn how to calculate the ROI of formal corporate alumni networks!

The Long and Winding Candidate Journey

Learn about the importance of creating a compelling candidate experience!


Whitepaper ROI of Candidate Relationship Management Programs

Our whitepaper provides you with insights about how to measure the value of candidate relationship management programs.

Measuring the Value of Corporate Alumni

Discover alumni program benefits and how to calculate the potential return on investment a formal corporate alumni network can offer.

Next Generation Talent Acquisition

Struggling to meet your hiring goals? Re-access your sourcing strategy, and gain insights on best practices for talent acquisition.

What does TRM really mean?

Understand how TRM means engaging with talents.

Find the Right TRM for your Business

View the core aspects to consider when determining which TRM solution best suits your business.

How to Successfully Launch a Corporate Alumni Program Whitepaper

This document is a step by step guide on how to successfully establish a formal corporate alumni program for your firm or organization.

IntraWorlds Alumni Management Services Solution

This whitepaper guides you through how the Alumni Management Services Solution helps organizations manage their alumni program optimally.

Product Videos

IntraWorlds | Engage in motion

Learn how to provide interactive candidate journey with IntraWorlds | Engage

IntraWorlds | Alumni in motion

Build relationships and nurture your alumni contacts. Our responsive solution works on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing alumni to stay in touch with your business at any time.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Potential of Corporate Alumni

Many companies are left in a state of shock if a good employee quits their job. They must focus on refilling the position and find someone internally or externally with the capable skill set. Alumni Software can help to fill this gap.

How to boost your recruiting outcome

Many companies invest significant resources in employer branding and personnel marketing measures without achieving a reasonable outcome. The problem is to engage the candidates successfully.


Talent Relationship Management at Bosch

In this interview with Linda Linzenbold, we learn about how Bosch Germany and U.S. successfully implemented a talent relationship management system.

Student Management at Fraunhofer

As Europe’s largest application oriented research organization, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s number one resource is its people. In order to drive top results Fraunhofer must have the best scientists.

Talent Talk with Robin Erickson

Robin Erickson, Ph.D (Bersin by Deloitte) discusses how to create an outstanding candidate experience.

Prof. Trost talks about Talent Relationship Management

This interview with Professor Trost focuses on best practices for talent relationship management.

The Modern Candidate Journey by Martin Heibel

Our CEO, Dr. Martin Heibel, discussing the necessary changes for the Candidate Journey and offering helpful tips for implementing these changes.


Keynote World Talent Forum 2015 by Prof. Harhoff

In his World Talent Forum 2015 keynote, Prof. Dietmar Harhoff talks about the challenges, trends, and possibilities in human resources.

Christine Renz at World Talent Forum 2014

Christine discusses the necessity of active sourcing and the differences between recruiters and talent scouts.

Corporate Alumni Management panel

Sean Brown (McKinsey & Company), Fred Zimowski (PwC USA) and Alex Pease (Allen & Overy) share their experiences in Corporate Alumni Management.

Reinhold Messner at the World Talent Forum 2014

View how the world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner drew parallels to HR in his keynote “Moving mountains”.

World Talent Forum 2013 keynote

View the keynote “Talent Acquisition in Sports and Enterprise – Challenges & Strategies” presentation.

TRM at BOSCH Germany & the US

Linda Linzenbold and Vera Winter present Bosch’s talent relationship management program, discussing how one platform is being utilized in different ways within the branches.

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