TRM at BOSCH in Germany & the US

Talent Relationship Management at BOSCH in Germany & the US

In this video, Linda Linzenbold and Vera Winter present Bosch’s talent relationship management program. They discuss how the platform is being utilized in different ways in the company’s German and US branches. Vera Winter explains that the German platform targets students and interns to offer them internal progression opportunities. The Bosch-Students portal enables these individuals to apply for specified career listings (e.g. internships abroad) and empowers them to contact their personal mentor. Students and interns have the ability to access everything in their portal, which makes the process more efficient for both the company and the candidate.

Linda Linzenbold goes on to explain TRM is used at Bosch US. The program provides access to high school students, which has assisted in the development of its candidate pool and increased brand awareness. Additionally, operational changes were in need – such as simplifying registration process – to minimize time consumption for candidates.

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