IntraWisdom: Next Generation Talent Acquisition

Addressing talent acquisition and talent management with the right sourcing strategy will help businesses meet their recruiting goals.

HR departments struggle to locate and secure the best talent while reducing costs and increasing productivity simultaneously. Talent acquisition management teams struggle to deal with a scarcely skilled marketplace and are up against their competitors to try to win the best candidates.


Thinking about the challenges

Deloitte study Global Human Capital Trends 2014 shows that talent acquisition is one of the five urgent human capital challenges that require attention. The study found that 60% of respondents have updated or are updating their talent strategy and 27% are considering changes.




Treat recruitment like marketing

Enterprises need to rethink their go-to-market strategy for talent acquisition, understand their markets, build an employer brand and engage with their prospects in a manner that they relate with. Our three-step process is a good start for HR teams to start rethinking their talent acquisition strategy.

Realize your talent acquisition potential

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by understanding the potential that talent management software has on the candidate experience.

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