Abandoning the ‘Silent Treatment’ for a Better Candidate Experience

Our 60-minute webinar covers global research insights on how to improve the candidate experience by abandoning the “silent treatment” trend. Candidates are aware and prepared for the fact that hundreds of people are applying for one position and the likelihood of being selected for the roll is unknown; however, what they aren’t prepared for is the deafening silence they receive after their resume is sent. 

Talent Board, a non-profit organization who conducts research focusing on talent acquisition, recently released their 2015 Research Report, and the connection between candidate engagement and candidate satisfaction is profound. Watch this informative webinar featuring Talent Board VP Kevin W. Grossman covering topics like:

  • Why providing consistent communication and direct feedback to candidates is crucial
  • How you communicate with candidates (hired or not) directly effects the candidate experience and impacts your brand
  • How candidates will take their connections and wallets elsewhere when they have a poor experience — and how they’ll support and increase it when it’s great. 

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Kevin Grossman, TAS, HCS

VP, NAM Program, Talent Board

Elizabeth Wurm 

VP, Sales & Client Success, IntraWorlds

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