Keynote discussion at the World Talent Forum 2013

Talent Acquisition in Sports and the Enterprise – Challenges & Strategies

The World Talent Forum 2013 began with the “Talent Acquisition in Sports and the Enterprise – Challenges & Strategies” keynote panel. The panel included Ms. Heidi Stopper (Chief Human Resources Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media), Mr. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (CEO, FC Bayern Munich) and Professor Herbert Henzler (former Chairman, McKinsey Europe).

Mr. Rummenigge took a close look at the harsh reality of being a football professional and the few talents who can make a living by pursuing a career in the sport. The supply of eager football players far outpaces the demand, but genuine talent remains scarce and every club “want to find its Messi.” Finding, building up, and retaining top players is hugely challenging. Rummenigge stressed the responsibility that clubs have to promote young talents while taking education and vocational training into account.

Though the market of available talents is growing, competition among organizations hoping to win top talent is heating up. Many candidates are passionate and willing to go the extra mile. Lateral thinkers can derive the essential benefit for companies because “a crack in the bowl lets the light in,” stressed Ms. Stopper. Talent acquisition teams need to identify the right candidates from a large number of applications and be confident in their decision.

The development and consolidation of an authentic and transparent brand are essential if companies hope to win and retain top talents. Empty promises cause displeasure and, in many cases, employee turnover. The rising relevance of HR departments was also discussed. Recruiters must play a more active role and can no longer waste so much time on conventional “Post and Pray” recruiting.

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