Webinar Recording: Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience

Did you know that focusing on delivering a positive employer brand experience prior to the candidate application stages makes prospective candidates 5x more successful in the interview process?

Download this 60-minute webinar to learn about the evolution of the candidate journey from the first touchpoint to right before the application process begins, and how to maximize the success of a program – with real-life customer best practices and metrics.

The presenters cover:

  • The most important prospective candidate touchpoints that occur before the application process.
  • How customizing the candidate journey with mobile helps companies better interact with their prospective candidates.
  • How to engage with talents with automated technology and deliver a seamless candidate journey.

Download our webinar recording and presentation to learn more!


Gerry Crispin, Principal & Chief Navigator, CareerXroads


Jens Bender, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Operations, IntraWorlds


Elizabeth Wurm, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, IntraWorlds



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