Rethinking the Candidate Journey – World Talent Forum

Companies are facing the challenge to identify the best candidates, to get them enthusiastic about the company, and to provide a systematic application process. The so-called candidate journey is representing the candidates’ connection with the company: getting started with the contact at first sight until the first day of work. This journey needs to be supervised by the company. More precisely, companies have to take care of topics like Employer Branding, Active Sourcing, Candidate Engagement and Talent Acquisition. These sessions will also be discussed by leading HR-professionals at the World Talent Forum.

From Employer Branding to the actual hire

Having a strong Employer Brand is the most effective way to attract candidates. In order to gain attention of potential candidates, the brand should not only exist, but also be communicated in a personalized way. The company has to define specific target groups to encourage candidates to deal with the Employer Brand. A proactive approach is using the first contact with the candidate as a basis. The key factor of a long term relationship is to inspire the candidate (Candidate Engagement) during the whole recruiting process.

To finally convert a candidate to an employee, it’s fundamental to have a modern and systematic talent acquisition strategy. The requirements for the application process are not only defined by the companies, but also by the candidates.  Since GenY and GenZ applicants not only expect a fast and high quality process – but also a personalized and transparent interaction.

Best Practices at the World Talent Forum 

The World Talent Forum is the meeting point for HR professionals, where they can discuss the latest trends and possibilities in Human Resourcing. International speakers like Sjoerd Gehring from Accenture and Duke Daehling from IBM will present their personal views on Talent Acquisition Strategy. Severine Fiegler (Infineon) will demonstrate how Sales and HR can work together in order to support Talent Attraction.

Linda Linzenbold, Janelle Hawes (BOSCH USA) and Vera Winter (Bosch Germany) will provide insights into the global strategies of Candidate Relationship Management & Engagement. Learn how engagement-methods can be used beginning with the everyday life of students until they enter the company.

The topic Employer Branding and HR Marketing will be presented by Andrea Schmitz (Metro) and Robin Erickson (Bersin by Deloitte) who share interesting insights about developing a strong brand with you.

The World Talent Forum is taking place on September 25th, in the famous Allianz Arena in Munich. For more information and how to register, go to