The Secrets of Top-Notch Talent Acquisition and Alumni Management

After the success of the July London road show, Martin and I are heading back to the London Bridge in September to continue our understanding of challenges faced by UK human resources teams in relation to managing alumni and potential talent.

Additionally, we are out there to evangelise the benefits of talent relationship and corporate alumni management technologies. During our July road show, we deepened our knowledge of what businesses in the United Kingdom are experiencing as they shift from outsourcing their recruitment function to bringing it in-house. There is no better way to ensure our products meet customer’s needs than listening to company pain-points first hand.

Who else wants Next-Generation Talent Acquisition?
The GFC economic downturn may have been last decade; however, business leaders are still cautious to keep an eye out on additional costs. And of course, everyone still wants to hire the best candidates out there in the marketplace. The UK market is no different.

Lowering costs involved with traditional recruiting firms is one of the main drivers bringing recruitment functions in house. As a result of bringing it in-house, businesses are looking to invest in building their own pipeline of candidates to minimize cold calling. Having the ability to contain ownership of their data and actively source candidates is becoming more appealing.

And then, there is the corporate alumni agenda that have businesses pondering. Employees are crucial to business success, so when they start asking for professional alumni networks, enterprises need to respond with an offering that reflects the company business culture. Untapped opportunities when keeping an alumni system include potential business development opportunities and boomerang hires.

How does IntraWorlds fit into this?

The human resources teams we met in London expressed their thoughts. A concern and challenge is how to increase efficiency when bringing candidate relationship management in house, and offering employees corporate alumni platforms. It requires more work and there may be a probability that some businesses don’t manage it correctly. This is where IntraWorlds has listened and developed its advanced candidate-related technology solutions to respond to customer obstacles.

When we meet with customers in the UK, we explain our IntraWorlds story: how it fits into their long-term business strategy, how it allows them to understand the benefits of implementing a candidate-related solution, and how their business can work in-house and efficiently with candidate systems.  We take understanding customer pain-points seriously, and that’s why our July London road show was a success. Listening to customers is important. It adds to the practical expertise we gain through our in-depth experience with our current customers.

To continue our interaction with new customers, we will be back in London from 9th – 11th September, 2014 for the September London road show! We hope to meet you in London!

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