IntraWorlds | Alumni

Establish lasting relationships
with former employees.

The IntraWorlds alumni solution fits dynamically to all kind of devices

Business Development

Increase business development opportunities by engaging former employees.


Leverage your alumni and their professional networks to recruit boomerang hires and qualified talent.

Brand Ambassadors

Engaged alumni are ambassadors to your company’s employer brand and offerings.

Knowledge Network

Alumni are a valuable resource to provide expertise and share knowledge.

IntraWorlds | Alumni in motion

Explore the possibilities that IntraWorlds | Alumni solution offers.

Build relationships and nurture your alumni contacts. Our responsive solution works on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing alumni to stay in touch with your business at any time. This is the potential of alumni management!

IntraWorlds | Alumni

Nurture relationships with former employees with IntraWorlds’ corporate alumni management solution. IntraWorlds | Alumni enables dynamic interpersonal relationships with former employees – empowering organizations to reap the benefits of a formal alumni program.


  • Alumni Profiling & Management
  • Branded, Personalized Portal
  • Alumni Nurturing
  • Content & Event Management
  • Jobs & One-Click Applications
  • Process & Automation Alerts
  • Email Campaigns & Templates
  • Reporting & Dashboards
The IntraWorlds Alumni solution shown on a notebook


Key Solution Components


Alumni Profiling & Management

Easily manage and search relevant alumni in your database and systematically track related activities.

A alumni profile with all its possibilities and how it would look like

Branded, Personalized Portal

Offer alumni an exclusive network with a personalized, responsive, on-demand platform.

Alumni Nurturing

Nurture your alumni with target group specific content configured through engagement options.

Content & Event Management

Easily organize and share alumni events and information with specific target groups.

Jobs & One-Click Applications

Offer your alumni personalized job offers and intelligent matching with easy application for rehiring and career planning.

visualization of the job matching for your alumni

Process Automation & Alerts

Automate administrative tasks, configure alerts and engagement activities based on your priorities, alumni profiles, and actions.

Email Campaigns & Templates

Effectively share campaigns with your alumni. By using simple templates, you can easily measure campaign success.

personalised communication with the Alumni Solution

Reporting & Dashboards

Measure the success of your alumni relationship management and keep track of your alumni by employing pre-defined and self-defined reporting metrics.

statistics for your talent relationship management

Sarah Dovlo

Head of HR Marketing Europe & Switzerland / ABB

“The IntraWorlds | Alumni solution enables ABB to create a basis to rehire and build up refferrals.”

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IntraWorlds | Alumni Solution

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