IntraWorlds | Source

Source prospects, build a quality talent pipeline, and create enduring relationships with candidates.

The IntraWorld source software fits dynamically to all kind of devices


Keep track of relevant, high-quality candidates to build a robust talent pipeline.


Stay up-to-date on candidates’ interactions with your organization.


Organize candidates into pools and automate administrative processes.

IntraWorlds | Source

Struggling to keep track of relevant candidates? Use IntraWorlds | Source, our user-friendly candidate relationship management solution to source and capture all relevant prospects, build a high-quality talent pipeline, and develop enduring relationships.


  • Talent Profiling
  • Smart Job Matching
  • Business Automation
  • Custom Communication
  • Interaction Management
  • Metrics & Reporting
The IntraWorlds Source solution shown on a notebook

Key Solution Components


Talent Profiling

Create a robust talent pipeline by sourcing and capturing all candidates with whom your organization has touchpoints.

A candidate profile with all its possibilities and how it would look like

Smart Job Matching

Discover the best matching prospects from your talent pipeline to fill current vacancies.

visualization of the job matching for your talent

Business Automation

Create dynamic workflows to automate administrative tasks and configure user-specific alerts.

Customized Communications

Target your communications and measure email campaign success.

personalised communication with the Source Solution

Interaction Management

Track all communications, activities, and updates on your organization and prospects.

Easy communication with every talent via the source solution

Metrics & Reporting

Easily gauge CRM success on the performance indicator dashboard.

statistics for your talent relationship management


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Linda Linzenbold

Manager, Personnel Marketing / Robert Bosch LLC

“Bosch is collaborating with IntraWorlds in Germany and in the US to develop a robust talent pipeline and nurture relationships with passive candidates.”

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Reduce time-to-hire by 50%

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