Maximize your ROI in talent acquisition, talent management, and alumni initiatives with our seamless platform.

IntraWorlds’ Platform

IntraWorlds’ platform offers the only end-to-end relationship management software that empowers organizations to source, engage, and nurture relationships with external talents across the career lifecycle.

Through one integrated platform, IntraWorlds can help your company:

  • Capture relevant, high-potential candidates
  • Develop a robust talent pipeline
  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Connect with talents on any mobile device
  • Gauge activity levels and engagement

Our software fits dynamically to all kind of devices (notebook, tablet, smartphone)

RAPID Technology

IntraWorlds’ platform is a flexible, cloud-based software developed with RAPID technology — Responsive, Automated, Personalized, Integrated, and Dynamic — to ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience.

RAPID solution from IntraWorlds for all your talent manegement problems

Configured for You

IntraWorlds’ platform is user-friendly and specifically designed to alleviate the challenges that human resource professionals face today.

Global Scalability

Deploy IntraWorlds' solutions across local and global territories.

Business Automation

Automate administrative processes, talent engagement activities, and targeted alerts.

System Integration

Open application programming interface (API) integrates with existing human resource systems.

Single Sign-On

Integration with existing single sign on formats allows talent to easy access to your platform.

User Rights & Roles

Structured to match your organization's specifications; offers various user views.

Custom Branding

Designed in your corporate identity for a seamless brand experience.


Data Privacy

IntraWorlds adheres to the highest standard of data protection and information security and is certified to ISO 27001.


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