• Relevant Open Job Positions

    Displayed and communicated to candidates based on personal preferences

  • Algorithm for Best Matching Jobs

    Provides best matches based on candidate profile and job requirements for both, candidates and recruiters

  • One-Click Application within the CRM

    Allows for job-specific application for candidates directly within your IntraWorlds talent community

  • Smart Candidate Data Transfer

    Candidates apply for open positions and their profiles and application data is transferred

  • Application Transfer for Recruiters

    Recruiters themselves are able to trigger applications and associate applicants to specific requisitions

  • Transparent Application History

    Application history is visible both, in SuccessFactors and your IntraWorlds’ platform

  • Personalized Candidate Engagement

    Candidates receive personalized information in IntraWorlds along their entire candidate journey

  • Reporting of Success Metrics

    Success metrics, e.g. based on the candidate’s application status, are reported to IntraWorlds

  • Staying in Contact with Silver Medalists

    Second-best applicants are valued by being invited to your exclusive IntraWorlds talent platform

  • User Experience for Candidates

    Candidates do not need to re-enter their profile data in your talent community, but re-use their profile from your ATS