Webinar: How to Successfully Launch a Corporate Alumni Program

Watch IntraWorlds’ exclusive Webinar on how to successfully revamp or launch your alumni program, encompassing all steps from strategy to execution based on a variety of client projects and valuable input from leaders in alumni management. The webinar agenda covers the following topics:


  • Introduction to the 4 phases for Jump-starting your Alumni Program
  • Objectives, Benefits & Concepts for Launching an Alumni Program
  • Defining Target Groups & Tips on How to Engage with Lost Alumni
  • Q & A

The webinar was hosted and presented by our alumni experts, Stephan Herrlich (Managing Director, IntraWorlds GmbH), Dennis Delgado (Head of  Alumni Services at IntraWorlds GmbH) and Charlotte Sault (Head of International Marketing at IntraWorlds GmbH).

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Stephan Herrlich

Co-Founder and Head, IntraWorlds Inc.

Charlotte Sault 

Head of International Marketing, IntraWorlds Inc.

Dennis Delgado 

Head of Alumni Services IntraWorlds Inc.

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