High Impact Talent Acquisition: Talent Talk with Robin Erickson – Part 2

In part two of IntraWorlds’ Talent Talk with Robin Erickson, Ph.D., Vice President of Talent Acquisition Research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Erickson discusses high impact talent acquisition and the candidate experience. In the following interview, learn what the top five performance drivers are to improve your company’s candidate experience.

For the transcript of the video, see below.

“We recently published our high impact talent acquisition key findings and maturity model from our survey of 297 companies and I think 5 of our performance drivers are important for thinking about the candidate experience.

  1. Candidate Pools:
    • The first is developing candidate pools, focusing on creating those communities for both active candidates and for passive candidates.
  2. Social Media Campaigns:
    • The second is social media campaigns. In fact, social media campaigns were our number 3 performance driver in terms of importance.
  3. Employment Brand:
    • The third performance driver to think about is employment brand it’s very important for organisations to work with their PR and marketing communications departments to make sure that the employment brand is consistent both inside the organisation and the employment brand that is being projected outside the organization.
  4. Talent Acquisition Programs:
    • The fourth talent acquisition performance driver that organisations should think about is their talent acquisition programs. For example do you have an alumni program that reaches out to employees who left the organization and might come back some day or become future consumers? Do you have an employee referral program that is effective? In fact employee referral programs are often the number one source of hire.
  5. Products and Services:
    • The fifth talent acquisition performance driver that is most important for candidate experience is the new talent acquisition products and services. It’s really important for organizations to look at those technologies that can help them with their candidate experience.”

A big thank you to Robin for taking the time to share her insights and knowledge. To connect with Robin and learn more about her research follow her on Twitter at @RAEricksonPhD. To see part one of our Talent Talk interview with Robin click here.