5 ways to better engage with top talent today

What is a Candidate Relationship Management platform & how does it enable better engagement with talents? The world of business is changing at a rapid pace, however there is one challenge that consistently persists regardless of the times; acquiring and maintaining quality employees. Creating consistent and personalized touch points with prospective candidates through a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) [...] Read More

6 Strengths in Alumni Management – The IntraWorlds Difference

Successful alumni management means retaining and rebuilding connections with former employees, while simultaneously increasing business development, rehiring and employer branding. With the world bursting at the seams with social media accounts and HR tech tools, what makes the IntraWorlds | Alumni solution successfully rise above the clutter? Based on a thorough comparison, we have identified […]

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Recruitment Marketing Panel Discussion with Video Summary

Recruitment Marketing is the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. Most successful companies recognize that they are only as good as their top employees, and will prioritize seeking out the crème de la crème for their corporation. At the 2016 World Talent [...] Read More

Alumni Management at a Glance

 Take 1 minute to learn about Corporate Alumni Management and why so many global organizations are taking interest. Join us in this 60 second video as top experts from companies such as McKinsey & Company and ABB give us their personal perspective on:   What a Corporate Alumni Network can bring to your company. Examples of [...] Read More

Leadership Development Panel with Allianz and Deutsche Bahn

During the 2016 World Talent Forum, we had the pleasure of hearing from HR industry leaders on the subject of leadership development best practices.   In this short recap video, Nils Stegemann, Head of Talent Management for Deutsche Bahn AG, discusses tactics for generating “self starters” in the arena of talent mobility, while Angelika Inglsperger, [...] Read More

LinkedIn Groups Fall Short, Here’s Why You Need a Corporate Alumni Solution

A common question we hear is, “Why do we need an alumni platform if we already have a LinkedIn Alumni Group?”…   You need an alumni platform because delivering an exclusive, on-demand portal promotes engagement which as a result drives more business development opportunities through alumni than through a LinkedIn Alumni group alone. Although LinkedIn may […]

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Improving HR with Predictive Analytics

Detailed insight and knowledge can be a big trump card in the modern corporate world. Uncovering hidden patterns, market trends, candidate preferences and other useful business intelligence based on actual data can be undoubtedly beneficial. That is where predictive analytics comes in. Predictive analytics is the process of examining large sets of available data (big […]

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The Digitization of HR & Trust – Benefits & Challenges of Technological Change

When it comes to technological change, and its impact on organizations, a common perspective is to look at the benefits and opportunities of digitization. In this post, we also want to address some of the challenges CEOs have in mind when thinking about digitization. Only through understanding both the benefits and challenges, can an organization […]

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3 useful tips for measuring the value of an alumni network

Have you considered implementing an alumni solution but you’re uncertain of the value? Recently IntraWorlds released a juicy whitepaper revealing the answers to the industries most burning questions regarding the value of a corporate alumni network and today we’re giving you the top 3 useful tips!   1: Recognize the impact of alumni  Alumni can […]

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3 Tech Trend Takeaways Every HR Leader Should Know

Trends in technology are rapidly altering the world as we know it and the internal workings of HR are no exception. At the World Talent Forum was a success and came with an array of knowledge graciously given by some of the most brilliant minds and experts from renowned international companies. The IntraWorlds team feels such […]

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