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Your exclusive talent network provides your organization with a competitive advantage for top talent recruitment. Help your company

  • Increase its recruiting success with a customized communication portal for high-potential candidates
  • Build an exclusive talent network that fosters long-term retention of top talents
  • Easily send out mass, personalized messages regarding event invitations and job openings, among other things

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Is Community Software Really Useful?

Community software offers many features and is particularly useful for large enterprises, educational institutions, foundations, and associations. Community software helps to minimize the efforts and costs of profile administration since members update their data themselves. Web community software helps facilitate communication within the organization and eases the administration progress.

How Community Software Can Help with Events

Members should be motivated to participate in appropriate ways. When events and meetings are organized, the proper incentives to attend are often not in place. An event module within the social community software will be the best motivation for an organization that struggles to arrange meetings effectively. If events often do not go as planned, a survey module for feedback could be helpful, too.

What are the Benefits of Community Software?

Community software has various advantages. Members establish a better connection to the organization and exchange their ideas more effectively and frequently. Since members tend to present their profile more honestly in community portals, the organization should keep track of how this can be used to its advantage. In short, community software is the best solution for organizations and individuals hoping to exchange ideas and information. IntraWorlds offers community software that is customized and fully adapted to each customer’s needs along with additional training, workshops and consulting. Ask for a cost and commitment free demo by filling out the form below!

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