Talent Relationship Management at BOSCH Germany & US

In the increasingly populated labor market, it has become difficult for companies to identify the qualified candidates and make a lasting impression with them. That being said, the need for talent relationship management software has never been more relevant for a company’s success than it is today. We had the opportunity to interview Linda Linzenbold, Manager of Personnel Marketing at Bosch Germany, to give us her thoughts on how Bosch Germany and Bosch U.S. has utilized the IntraWorlds talent relationship management software to their advantage.



What aspects do students desire throughout their recruiting process?

Students would like to feel special. When we go to a job fair, we definitely see that they want to have a personal conversation with one of our recruiters and get business cards from us. Usually they don’t like to be part of the mass, they want to be treated special.


What is your new perspective on approaching candidates in the U.S. and in Germany?

One approach is to get closer to them and involve functional management to the recruitment process. The next step is to make the process more transparent than it is now. We have to involve them at an early stage and give them feedback in time. Especially in the U.S., as Bosch is not that well-known yet, we have to be very careful with following up with them in time and getting them into the pipeline, so that they want to stay in contact with us.

Germany already has a history with TRM. Since 2002 we have been working with TRM systems and since 2013, Bosch Germany has been working with IntraWorlds and it’s been a very successful cooperation. We have a good pipeline, which is why the U.S. also decided to buy the tool and to work with IntraWorlds on having this pipeline and to maintain talent relationships.

In Germany we have a lighter and easier approach, because candidates at universities already know us. In Germany we are focusing on the top talent. In the U.S. we will focus on all of our hired interns, so that we have an overview of all of them. In the future we can imagine staying in contact with a bigger group of students and that would also be the case in the tool of the TRM.


What are the benefits of using a TRM-system?

We clearly see the benefits of having a TRM system, because we can stay in contact with candidates. We can push out personalized messages to the different talent groups. We hope and also see, that the candidates are happy with this information and feel treated special. After one phase with us in the pipeline in the TRM system, we also use the system to give out job offers to them, to invite them to our internship program and to different events we organize at Bosch, with the hope that they will work with us in the future.


What are your target outcomes with the TRM?

We really see the talent relationship management program, we call it Bosch Talents in the U.S., as a contributor to the total hiring number, which is one important thing. We would like to reduce the staff turnover after first year of hire and we would like to have a higher level of successful interviews, as we have qualified candidates in the pool already.


We thank Linda Linzenbold for this very interesting interview!

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