Thinking about your Next-Generation Talent Acquisition

Have you read our most recent Point of View paper? Just in case you haven’t, here’s a little piece of what’s in store for you in “Thinking about your Next-Generation Talent Acquisition.

The situation today

As companies stand at a recruitment crossroad, they need to change the way they perform talent acquisition. Achieving this means addressing talent strategy and implementing talent acquisition technologies. By transforming their traditional recruiting tactics to focus on candidate engagement and employer branding, they’ll stay ahead of the competition and beat out any skills constraints in the workforce.

Talent Acquisition as we know it is changing. New technologies that will forever change our current recruitment processes are emerging – which means that companies need to adapt to these fast paced changes in order to stay afloat in the talent battle. The recent Deloitte study, Global Human Capital Trends 2014, states that talent acquisition is one of the five urgent human capital challenges. In fact, 60% of respondents have updated or are updating their talent strategy and 27% are considering changes. With this in mind, we explain why it is so crucial for businesses to transform their talent acquisition strategies and ways they can achieve this.

Next Generation Talent AcquisitionNext Generation Talent Acquisition

While it is true that businesses are starting to implement talent acquisition functions within their teams, a real understanding of the value of adapting talent relationship management doesn’t exist. Many businesses don´t even know where to begin making changes and adjustments. We believe in the notion of treating talent acquisition like marketing –identifying candidates as valued prospects. The three-step process (identify, engage, win) allows businesses to take recruiting into their own hands. This eliminates the need to outsource to recruiting firms and decreases the time it takes to source new candidates. Businesses can bring the work to candidates rather than the candidate chasing them.

How to go forward

Assessing talent acquisition strategy, understanding the 21st-century workforce, thinking about globalization, and realizing the potential of how data can impact your recruiting has the potential to reduce recruitment costs and win your best candidates.

Next Generation Talent Acquisition


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