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IBM OpenHR Webinar Series

Watch our webinar recording for a presentation and demo from IntraWorlds on Attracting, Engaging and Converting Talent across the Career Lifecycle. Jens Bender, Managing Director and Elizabeth Wurm, VP Marketing and Sales at IntraWorlds discuss how to successfully win talent in a day and age where skilled workers are in short supply.

IntraWorlds’ end-to-end talent relationship management platform empowers enterprises to source, engage, and nurture interpersonal relationships with talents throughout their career lifecycle.

This webinar is part of the IBM Kenexa OpenHR Webinar Series. The purpose of this webinar series is for our business partners to showcase their HR solution that is built to work with the IBM Kenexa OpenHR Framework.

View the webinar on-demand by filling out the registration form!

View the webinar on-demand!


 Jens Bender presents Corporate Alumni Engagement Success Metrics

Jens Bender
Managing Director at IntraWorlds GmbH

Stephan Herrlich presents Corporate Alumni Engagement Success Metrics

Elizabeth Wurm
VP, Marketing & Sales at IntraWorlds Inc.

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Engage Talent Throughout their Career Lifecycle!

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