World Talent Forum 2016 – In Retrospect

On September 29th, one of the most awaited HR-Highlight Event of the year took place in Munich, the 2016 World Talent Forum. We could not have found a more beautiful and charming location than the baroque palace on the west side of Munich, the lavishing Nymphenburg Palace. The palace was once the summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs, but on this special day became the home of the 2016 World Talent forum. Need I say that those of royalty were not the only ones strutting down these breathtaking historical hallways. The castle was filled with business savvy visitors from around the globe, immersing themselves in this outstanding international HR-Event. Now that the day has gone & passed, don´t think for a minute that it´s all over just yet! The IntraWorlds team is pleased to announce that over the next few weeks, we will be releasing summaries, photos, & videos based around the event and its key topics. Some of those topics being:

  • Technology in HR
  • Inspire & Hire
  • Develop & Retain
  • Stay in Touch

If you missed out or simply want to relive the magic, then stay with us for what happens next. Just to give you a taste of what´s to come, today let’s focus on the highlights.



The event was given its initiation by none other than Justus Frantz, an internationally known successful pianistconductor, and television personality who, in addition to his own renowned career, has served the classical world well by revealing and nurturing young talent. Of course, it does not take an outstanding pianist/conductor to tell you that some of life´s best advises are universal and can be applied to all aspects, and in this case HR. Justus Frantz shares his life journey and inspires the importance of:

  • Following our passions
  • Investing time to achieve optimal success
  • Age has no limitation
  • Paying attention to one´s body language so that the right message is given
  • The power of persuasion, charm, and intimidation
  • Sometimes, one must walk through hell in order to reach ones goals


On a finishing note, Justus Frantz displayed the fruit of his labor by giving a stunning musical performance. Even now, you can still hear the echoes of the notes played on the grand piano within the castle walls. Silence & awe painted on the crowds faces as they take in the notes & advice given by Justus Frantz. Thank you for your wisdom.



Such a spectacular initiation deserves an agenda to match. International experts from renowned companies such as Timothy Khoo-Jones from Soundcloud, Angela Doolan from Davis Polk, Katrin Sünderhauf from Deutsche-Bahn, and more, provided insight into their strategies. Workshops were explored, presentations were made, and panel discussions got heated up. The movers, shakers and the visionaries of the HR world came, spoke, and showed us how to meet everyday challenges in HR. Covering key topics such as:

  • Active sourcing
  • Candidate engagement
  • HRIS
  • Talent acquisitions strategy

It goes without saying that everyone who came to the 2016 World Talent Forum left a little wiser and with some fresh HR insight.


Networking at Oktoberfest

The presentations are finished, the sun is lower in the sky, and murmurs of the day´s events are still heard throughout the palace as it slowly becomes empty. It seems the World Talent Forum has come to an end, but wait… the night is young! Let´s fast forward to Oktoberfest inside the Poschner tent, the smell of roasted duck, a fresh beer in hand, and genuine Bavarian atmosphere. This night, Bavarian culture met HR international business savvy attendees for a fun night of networking and was definitely unforgettable! The compelling HR discussions continue, everyone created new contacts & left with some wonderful memories.  Don´t take my word for it! To check out the pictures from the Oktoberfest event click here.

To all participants that joined us for the 2016 World Talent Forum, we THANK YOU and we look forward to seeing you again next year.


CRAVING FOR MORE? Stay with us for what comes next! In the next few weeks, we will be releasing more exciting highlights!

For now, I leave you with a few of our favorite tweets!