World Talent Forum on the Twittersphere

Engaging in informative, candid conversations around talent acquisition and alumni relations allows companies to further develop their HR strategies. In order to win the best talent, businesses need to understand the best way to tackle the war for talent.

At the end of September, this conversation continued when IntraWorlds hosted over 300 guests at the World Talent Forum 2014. HR professionals from around the globe joined in to share stories of their successes and failures when recruiting top candidates. The discussion was not refined to the walls of the Allianz Arena and quickly spilled into the Twittersphere. Using the hashtag #WoTaFo, attendees and followers joined our online chat, and the participation as well as the take-aways collected were amazing.

Visitors started off the day excited as they arrived in Munich:



Guests were thrilled for the opportunity to listen and meet the “world’s greatest mountaineer”, Reinhold Messner, where they could transfer his insights into the HR sphere:



After Messners’ motivational speech, the dialogue quickly turned to human resources issues. Speakers and participants then began to share their thoughts and advice they collected from presentations, workshops, and panel discussions:



After a full day of presentations, the night ended with a traditional Bavarian evening at Munich’s famous Oktoberfest – including roasted duck, beer, and the Bavarian traditional dress:


Bringing the day’s conversations online and into our social channels was a big aim this year for the World Talent Forum. Let’s stay connected by following our @intraworlds and @wotafo twitter accounts! Thank you to all that joined this inspiring conversation both online and offline! It really was “an awesome day”!