XING & IntraWorlds – A look back at a year of many innovations

The professionally oriented social network XING initiated numerous important strategic projects this year, which are now available to users of the business networks, as well as to IntraWorlds customers and users of IntraWorlds solutions. Because these new opportunities bring numerous benefits with them, I’d like to use this blog entry to address key topics such as the XING API, XING SSO, and XING “Talentmanager” from the viewpoint of a user and recruiter or an administrator. In this entry I’ll focus on XING, the most important business network at the moment in Germany, because in the fall even more new features such as the XING “Talentmanager” and XING Single-Sign-On (SSO) were presented. I’d like to explore the individual issues along the talent sourcing value chain (Identify – Engage – Win):

1.       Identify:Identifying talent with XING & IntraWorlds Talent Sourcing The innovations at XING explore new avenues even during the initial process of identifying potential candidates to join the company. The Talentmanager improves the management of the active sourcing processes used by companies to address potential talent on XING in a targeted and coordinated manner. Suitable candidates for a specific position or a specific position profile can have the potential for an application actively indicated to them, or can be invited to join an exclusive closed talent network. The XING API then makes the next innovation possible. Based on the XING API, the talent can then apply to companies directly from their XING profile or register themselves in a talent network. As part of the process, the talent imports excerpts from the XING profile, including photos of themselves that they wish to share with the company. Where needed, the company can also supplement the data in the profile. The application and/or registration process for a position or a talent network is thus made considerably easier.

2.       Engage:Retain talent with XING & IntraWorlds Talent Sourcing If suitable talent and candidates have been identified for subsequent entry via dedicated channels or business networks like XING, then IntraWorlds supports companies through its talent sourcing solution in retaining that talent. Talent is guided to the potential employers through exclusive and interesting information (event, background reports, career offerings, etc) and access to an exclusive network (entry coaches, mentors, other talent, recruiters, etc) — all of which builds ties between talent and company. The onboarding of these potential employees thus begins one step before matching them to a specific position or signing a contract. Of course, it’s extremely important that access hurdles to the exclusive talent network and the updating of profile data be kept especially low. Two new XING functions help with this: XING SSO and, once again, the XING API.

The XING SSO makes it possible for registered members of a (talent) community to register within the exclusive community using their XING login data, after a once-only linking of the accounts. A prospective talent then has no need to remember additional user names/email addresses and passwords to gain access. Login via the SSO takes just one single click (followed by login at XING) or through entry of the XING access data. Several IntraWorlds customers have already unlocked this function for their talent and community members.

Even more exciting for recruiters and administrators, as well as for the talent, is the use of the XING API in connection with the exclusive community. This now allows talent to keep their profiles on the talent network automatically updated with the latest information from the XING profile. Once approval has been given and the two accounts have been linked, a standardized interface from IntraWorlds accesses the linked XING profile once per week and updates the information automatically. It’s also possible to have the talent manually update their profile data and to unsubscribe from the automatic updates. This is excellent news for both talent and recruiters. The talent — insofar as they are members of more than one corporate talent engagement program or talent pool — no longer needs to manually update each of his or her different base profiles, but rather can concentrate on supplemental information of interest to the specific company.

For recruiters, this also makes it significantly easier to maintain the contact data. They have continual access to the most current contact data, as well as each candidate’s educational and career background and can better plan out targeted offers as well as the talent pipeline in general.

3.       Win:Acquire talent with XING & IntraWorlds Talent Sourcing In the final step of the talent sourcing value chain — candidate acquisition — interesting developments have emerged. The XING “Talentmanager” makes it possible for recruiters to use targeted active sourcing to find not just the candidates in their own talent network, but also suitable talent for specific positions directly from XING. Compared with searching using Headhunter, the tool for recruiters features a very affordable starting price of roughly €2,000. At the same time, recruiters can use a planning tool from XING to ensure that they don’t get in each other’s way. This means that the best and most qualified candidates from both networks (Xing and the exclusive talent community) can be selected for open positions. Individual candidates who are not currently seeking new challenges at present can decline the talent manager’s appeal via active sourcing. Now is precisely the right time to invite these candidates into the exclusive talent network to lay the groundwork for potentially gaining them later on. The process starts anew!

We’re very interested to hear what other innovations XING will be presenting in the future. As with the provision of the XING API, we — alongside with our customers — will be among the very first to hear about these developments so that we can promptly implement them into the talent sourcing and community strategies.